It will be a disaster if the Lebanese knew what they are eating , says Health minister


abou faourBeirut, Lebanon-  The list reads like a who’s who of Lebanese eateries – Hawa Chicken, Spinneys, Roadster Diner and dozens of others – but this was no recognition of Lebanon’s famed cuisine: Tuesday afternoon

“The Lebanese citizen’s food is not only dipped with sweat, but also in diseases and microbes,”  Lebanese  Health Minister Wael Abu Faour said during a news conference at his ministry on Tuesday . “The Lebanese does not know what he eats, and it will be a disaster if he knows.”

The health minister named and shamed establishments across Lebanon serving unsafe food.


Abou Faour  revealed that numerous supermarkets, bakeries, butchers and restaurants had been violating food safety standards, according to the results of the inspection campaign done by the ministry over the last 20 days.

Among the famous supermarkets that were named by Abu Faour were Fahed Supermaket in Jounieh, Hawa Chicken, Spinneys in Jbeil, Abou Khalil in Damour, Metro in Baaba, MP in Aley and TSC Mega in the Metn area.

Other notable places mentioned were Roadster Diner for chicken breasts, Bedo for sausages, Makaneq for soujok, and Al-Hallab sweets shop in Tripoli for Ashta.

“The purpose is not to distort the image of any companies,” Abu Faour repeated several times during the conference. “But we have a responsibility toward the citizens.”

The two places with the worst records so far were the Tanmiya food retailer and An-Natour Butcher Shop.

The first, which produces many meat and chicken products and is especially famous for cold cuts, has been advancing the production dates printed on their products for three months, which deludes the consumers into thinking they are eating fresh products, according to the minister.

As for An-Natour butcher, which had been previously closed by the government for importing and distributing expired and diseased meat, the owners seemed to have not learned the lesson.

“We found that they are using expired Brazilian meat,” Abu Faour said, stressing that such grave violations would not be tolerated.

Other, “less severe” violations included stacking meat in rusty containers, opening toilet doors to the kitchen, putting food next to garbage, using rusty, old and unclean knives, not wearing gloves while working in food and using frying oils for months.

The minister also revealed that the remains of human waste were found in some cases, though he did not identify the establishments.

The inspections have not yet reached Beirut, but Abu Faour said the results for the capital would come out Thursday, promising to take the necessary legal measures against the companies and the ministry’s employees who had not been doing their duty.


here is a list of the establishments

Hawa Chicken Taouk
Spinneys Meat
Jbeil Supermarket Meat
Rimal restaurant Hamburger
Fahed Supermarket Minced meat, kafta, hamburger and shawarma
Crepina restaurant Chicken and mayo
Dar al-Qamar restaurant Meat
Chai w Asal restaurant Hamburger
Baytna restaurant Meat
Abdel Rahman Hallab restaurant Ashta
Makiye Ashta
Hawa Chicken restaurant Chicken and taouk
MP Supermarket Minced meat
Metro Supermarket Rotisserie chicken
Poule d’or Rotisserie chicken
Al-Amiliyya airport road Whole rotisserie chicken
Rashid Moussa shops Sujuk
Ghanem institution Hamburger
Al-Rayan institution Shish taouk
Abou Khalil Damour Sujuk
Bido Sausage
Kababji Jal el-Dib Minced meat
Roadster Diner Chicken
Zomrab butchery Soujuk and sausage
Tannouri market Baabdat Minced meat
Al-Ashqar Antelias Soujuk and sausage
Masoud market Minced meat
McDonalds Chicken nuggets
Mnih farms Labneh
Al-Khawly market Sausage and beef pieces
Al-Sultan butchery Chicken and minced meat
Metro Whole rotisserie chicken
Nassar Supermarket Meat
Marché du Rond Point Meat
TSC Mega Veal, hamburger, minced meat and taouk
Mazloum Taouk and minced meat
Broumana market Taouk and soujuk

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