Ibrahim: The dangers of Zionism and takfiri terrorism are the same

abbas Ibrahim

abbas IbrahimibrahimCommenting on the security situation in Lebanon General Security chief Abbas Ibrahim stressed the importance of national unity in confronting the dangers facing the country.

In an interview with the General Security magazine Ibrahim sounded optimistic about Lebanon’s ability to confront terrorism:
“Lebanon will emerge victorious in its existential battle against organized terrorism.” He said stressing that the country is facing the threat of Israel and the threat of takfiri terrorism.

Ibrahim who is a shiite refers to extremist Sunnis who view as apostates all those that do not adhere to their strict version of Islam as takfiris.

“The dangers of Zionism and takfiri terrorism are the same and each one bolsters the position of the other. The open and complicit relationship between them is no longer a secret,” he remarked without elaborating.

“Terrorism is seeking to destroy Lebanon’s entity through recreating strife and paving the way for civil war by targeting the military institution and all other security agencies that guarantee peace and stability,” Ibrahim said.

Lebanon will not succumb to these threats because it has paid dearly for reaching the stability it has achieved, he noted.

Lebanon’s soldiers, security forces, and civilians have paid the price of averting strife and they have fallen victim to terrorist bombings, he lamented.

“All sides are responsible for protecting Lebanon,” he said

The war in neighboring Syria, which has raised existing tensions between Lebanon’s Shiite and Sunni residents, has spilled over with increasing regularity.

The Lebanese army had battled jihadists, including Islamic State militants, both across its porous border with Syria and in its second city Tripoli.

Hezbollah’s intervention into the Syrian conflict is reportedly being blamed for the threat of takfiri terrorism in Lebanon.