Nusra threatens Hezbollah: ‘The real war in Lebanon is yet to begin’


hezbollah - Jabhat al NusraThe leader of Syria’s al Qaeda rebel wing threatened attacks against the Shi’ite Muslim militant movement Hezbollah in Lebanon in coming days that he said would make it regret fighting alongside Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Lebanon hosts around a million refugees from Syria’s civil war and has seen violence spill over the border, with bombings in Beirut, fighting in the northern city of Tripoli, and rocket attacks on Bekaa Valley towns close to the frontier.

Hezbollah’s involvement on Assad’s side in Syria has stirred tensions in Lebanon, a religiously and ethnically mixed country where a delicate power-sharing system between different sects has been in place since the end of its own 1975-90 civil war.

Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said earlier on Tuesday that it was determined to battle hardline Sunni Muslim insurgents who have seized large areas of Syria and Iraq and forecast they would be defeated across the region.

Also on Tuesday, the al Qaeda-affiliated Nusra Front leader Abu Mohamad al-Golani said in an interview with the group’s media outlet: “The real war in Lebanon is yet to begin and what is coming is (so) bitter that Hassan Nasrallah will bite his fingers in remorse for what he has done to Sunnis.

It was not clear when the interview was recorded.

Last month, Hezbollah lost 10 of its fighters in a battle in eastern Lebanon with Nusra Front militants – among the highest casualties the powerful Shi’ite group has suffered in a single action since started fighting with Assad’s forces.

Golani said in the audio message on media outlet al-Manara al-Baydaa: “After Hezbollah assaulted our people, we were forced to move the battle inside Lebanon and to areas where it is present…so that it understands the danger of standing as an ally to Assad.”

Nusra also joined an incursion into the Lebanese border town of Arsal in August and its fighters captured several Lebanese soldiers when they pulled out. They have shot dead one of them.

Golani also praised the leader of the Nusra cell that took part in the Arsal operation, Abu Malek al-Shami, saying his acts have had “positive results.”


Abu Mohamad al-Golani, Al Nusra  Front leader
Abu Mohamad al-Golani, Al Nusra Front leader

The Nusra Front was once one of the strongest insurgent groups fighting to topple Assad but has been overshadowed by the Islamic State, which has seized swathes of northern and eastern Syria and is now being targeted by U.S.-led air strikes.

The United States plans to expand military support to moderate opposition anti-Assad groups as part of its strategy to defeat the ultra-radical Islamic State.

Golani said his fighters and other Islamist groups intended to eliminate the Western- and Saudi-backed Syria Revolutionaries’ Front (SRF), accusing it of carrying out attacks on Nusra and civilians in Syria’s Idlib province.

Maarouf’s group is loosely defined as part of the Free Syrian Army, a term used to refer to dozens of groups fighting to overthrow Assad. They have little or no central coordination and are often in competition with each other.

“They (SRF) have transformed from a group fighting the regime to a group assaulting our people, that is why eliminating it became a must,” he said.

“We fight whoever wants evil for our people in Sham (Syria) or tries to be a tool in the hand of the West to fight the Islamic project in the region.”

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which monitors the conflict, said Nusra Front had posted video footage which they said showed the exhumation of bodies in wells in Deir Sunbul, a stronghold of the SRF in Hama province. Nusra Front said the bodies were of civilians and fighters executed by SRF.

The Observatory, which tracks the war through a network of sources, said that it had received information in January that the SRF had killed dozens of captives from the Islamic State group and thrown them down wells.




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  1. Hannibal Avatar

    Here’s an idea… All of you 2abadaay fighters, jihadi, 72 virgin nuns seekers stay in Syria and go at it… Just leave Lebanon the heck alone.

    1. 5thDrawer Avatar

      Well Hannibal .. it’s all in that line… ‘we must fight’.
      ‘Evil’, as described in various ways and about various things, is a sort of ‘open concept’ – which everyone describes in various ways – and everyone ‘must fight’ for it.
      Fighting it, of course, does not mean only walking away from it, and being good in themselves, or trying to promote ‘good’ instead of evil. Everyone wants to make everyone ‘good’, and since death takes everyone away to one of the two gods … Satan or God Almighty … their logic tells them it’s ‘the way’ – make everyone ‘good and dead’.
      Assume all the ‘Dialoguing’ is going nowhere. Fight.
      When a lot of people can’t even ‘dialogue’ beyond one shouted word or sentence, then Fight. fightfightfightfightfight … makes it ‘rightrightrightrightright’.
      Something like ‘The Fight Clubs’ … only, with guns. 😉

      1. Hannibal Avatar

        5th you should write a book about opposing forces 😉 prose seems to be your forte 😛
        And then distribute it in different languages in “bilaad el shaam wa ma bayn el nahrayn”
        ISISTAN he he

        1. Hind Abyad Avatar
          Hind Abyad

          You just read my mind..

          1. 5thDrawer Avatar

            (now I’m blushing …)

    1. 5thDrawer Avatar

      The confusion – between which are gangs. which tribes, and which religious fanatics – may indeed lead to that ‘uncivil’ war which the spoilers wish to produce, because it is all so easy to point at the mainstream religions involved, and Label ALL in an unfavourable light.
      Everyone says ‘Lebanon’ … but seems to work against it being ONE.
      Hezzbolla and the army and the security and the main religious ‘heads’ should be working together against ALL the aggressors – including Assad and his gang.
      BUT HOW do they explain then, that suddenly there’s a big threatening speech against Israel in the Ashoura-Flaggelation-time?? What ‘togetherness’ is promoted by THAT?
      It is no wonder those ISIS-type idiots from many countries (NOT SENT FROM, as described) can create such havoc and fear so easily. No-one thinks together … no-one thinks ‘Our Lebanon’ and believes it’s secularly inclusive for it’s citizens, no matter which religion.

      1. Hind Abyad Avatar
        Hind Abyad

        October 2011 was not a prophecy, it was all planed by the creators of the anarchy that created ISIS..

        Will war break out in Syria?
        “Christians of the Orient stand up against the new Western colonialism”
        by Thierry Meyssan

        The war against Syria, planned by the United States, France and the United Kingdom for mid-November 2011, has been blocked in extremis by the Russian and Chinese vetoes at the Security Council. According to Nicolas Sarkozy, who informed the Maronite Patriarch of the matter during a stormy meeting at the Elysée Palace on 5 September 2011, the plan contemplates the expulsion of Middle East Christians by the Western powers. In this context a
        press campaign is underway in Europe to accuse the Christians of the Orient of collusion with the dictatorships. Mother Agnès-Mariam of the Cross, mother superior of the monastery of James the Mutilated in Qara (Syria) responds to this war propaganda..
        Voltaire Network | Beirut (Lebanon) | Le 14 October 2011Stop accusing ASSad this is becoming a farce.

    2. Hind Abyad Avatar
      Hind Abyad

      None of them look Syrian except the local children (light skin
      Levant features), they’re not Arabs they are the invaders they tell Syria children to speak defiantly in fron of cameras while they’re pissing in their pants, yet CNN says: “they are attacked by “Regime snipers” indicating West intentions..Iraq Libya and now Syria.. it’s not out of innocent stupid ignorance from the media, it’s American War brain washing machine.
      Non-Arab invaders are the aggressors dear CNN, Syria is a sovereign country as much as Lebanon, Syrian army are not “snipers”..they’re soldiers fighting invaders as Lebanon’s army is
      doing.. these fanatics from Bekaa and Tripoli are in Syria fighting
      on side of ISIS…

      Yet 5th says:”including Assad and his gang”…pardon me?
      These Jihads come from 80 different countries his “gang” the
      Syrian Army are fighting and dying with no help for 3 years..
      They warned of war spilling from Lebanese borders (ISIS wants access to the Sea), but Lebanon “Government gangsters” continue to take bribes from Qaeda Nusra ISIS financiers, the Saudis. Lebanese sectarianism trash instead of uniting..and say, who’s in charge of all the briber’s money..ha ha..! It’s no secret corruption is a tradition it goes to Government investments in more Real Estate for millionaires.
      Lebanon sectarianism never changed since it first appeared in written history in 6th century AD

      1. 5thDrawer Avatar

        Yes, the brain-dead and ‘adventurers’ are coming from all over … the creators of anarchies and the usual riffraff of all humanity seeking ‘excitement’ and the ‘power-tripping’ they can’t perform in other places – especially the kids for whom life is ‘forever’. Total inexperience with, or desire, to ‘survive’ in a tough world.
        AND YES, that includes ASSad and his gangs.
        And if some countries facilitate that kind of thing, OR ONLY SOME PEOPLE IN THEM, it’s still an individual choice – and a poorly-made decision to die for such a ’cause’ – to kill wantonly as if life is a ‘war-game’ on a computer, will assure most of those ‘seekers’ a short fun-filled life – no matter what ‘glory’ they think they will find.

        1. Hind Abyad Avatar
          Hind Abyad

          The creators of anarchies in this case, were not ASSad and his gangs.
          Among the refugees are more Iraqi Christians, who originally fled to the relative freedom and tolerance of Syria, only to find themselves again fleeing persecution, often hunted by Syria’s rebels. Many of these rebels are members or affiliates of Osama bin Laden’s al-Qaeda network.
          The Obama administration, bewilderingly, has chosen to support Syria’s rebel groups without any apparent thought of the consequences. The extent of covert support remains unclear, though reports suggest it is significant. As in Iraq, the insurgent campaign in Syria targets priests, the most visible symbols of the Christian faith.

          The protection and perseverance of minority religious communities—indeed, of religious freedom—continues to be a low priority for the Obama administration and the State Department.
          The U.S. fails to recognize that the Islamist-Wahabbist commitment to eradicating Christian minorities today will result in the extinction of diverse modes of Islam tomorrow, a fact that is not lost on moderate Muslims.

          1. 5thDrawer Avatar

            ANARCHISTS, not anarchies … they are part of the ‘human fabric’ … people who will rebel at the drop of a hat if someone tells them ‘don’t do that’ – and proceed to do more of it.
            I wonder if it’s genetics … but they are in all races. When Daddy comes with the paddle, it doesn’t occur to them to think it might actually be wrong, but only hardens the resolve to do it again … only more secretively if they can to ‘get away’ with it.
            ISIS knew how to attract them.
            Your ‘link’ is an ‘interpretation’ … AS SURELY as the interpretation is, which was was used to attack Christians; a silly ‘belief’ that America is Christian, and since they attack bad guys who are Muslim, therefore Muslims should kill Christians.
            VERY faulty logic.
            The same faulty logic says: ‘If a guy makes a bad film in America, we should attack and burn KFC shops in ONE city in Lebanon, even if they are owned by a Muslim’. And a pack of motorcycle anarchists ride in to steal the chips before burning it. Same stupidity.

          2. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            Read again you wrote “anarchies” not anarchists, changing the subject.
            I was speaking about the anarchies America created
            in the Levant, that Iraki and Syria’s Christians the most ancient in the Middle East, had paid with their life and their very existence.

      2. 5thDrawer Avatar

        I agree with you on one point … except for the scraggly beard, I thought the guy looked Russian. Hmmmm …. is Al-Golani a product of Afghanistan? 😉

  2. The proven truth-
    It’s a proven fact that wherever and whenever shits are and get power they start chaos. They play their games by using actors portrayed as sunnis or shits pretending as sunnis. They are caniving, deceitful, manipulative, and pathological liars. You can never trust or belief what they say as they always use Taqiyah against non-shits.
    You can’t name a single country which is in peace where they are in power irrespective of they being majority or not. The countries in which they are not in power then they side with the enemies of Muslims to gain political power and once they attain that then their real evilness comes out as shown and proved in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Yemen, etc.
    As its taken that they will do and stoop to any level to achieve their goals. They start their age old tactics of making themselves look like the good guys, better of all evils, saviors, defenders, resistors, and if that doesnt work then they instigate hate, sectarianism, power politics, stories such as defending some shrine, ridiculing, maligning, branding anyone or everyone who stands against or in their path as wahabi, salafi, and takfiri.
    They create Khawarij’s like Isis, etc. and show to the world as sunnis. They make them do un-islamic things and bask in glory using that as a tool to propagandize, instill fear, and hate towards Islam and Muslims. Then they repeat the same rhetoric’s in social media, etc. portraying themselves as the good guys and scaring and brainwashing Muslims and non-muslims which in turn serves their purpose only at the expense of Islam, Muslims, Humanity, and Peace.
    They have done and have been doing more damage than all other haters of Islam combined.
    They are not Muslims and if they were as they claim to be then their actions proves it else.
    They are more dangerous than the worst of the humans.
    ASS ad=Isis=Shits=Iran

    1. man-o-war Avatar

      You my friend are the one and only “shit”.

      1. Hind Abyad Avatar
        Hind Abyad

        You too read my mind…..!

        1. True, only “shits” can read “shits” evil minds!

          1. man-o-war Avatar

            Yeah, because your post is a beacon of tolerance. Jackass

          2. Yeah and “pro-shits” posts are. If you don’t like the bitter truth then don’t read and abstain from replying. Everyone has freedom of expression just like them. I don’t see you going after them or their posts. The reason is simple, you are a “shit” all thru and a hypocrite.
            Your double standards, biased attitude, and name calling is ineffective as people will say n post the truth about “shits” whether you like it or not!
            Remember, freedom to express is everyone’s right not just you “shits”!

          3. man-o-war Avatar

            You have every right to spout whatever garbage you want and I have a right to reply to it. I’m surprised someone like you is preaching about freedom of expression. Muslims don’t usually deal with freedom of expression too well.

            I understand you have a lot of hatred towards Shia and thats why you use the word “shit” to describe them. I think its fine if you hate HA and/or Iran, but why the entire Shia faith? Does your faith teach you to hate Shia or did you develop this hatred on your own?

            How do you feel about other religions? Christians? Jews? Buddhist? Hindu?
            Do you believe they’re all going to hell if they don’t follow the righteous path?

          4. Hey how have you been? Was wondering when you will spout your garbage n here we are! Like you said everyone has a right to spout n reply to garbage!
            My fellow in…I don’t know whether you have lived, listened, read, experienced the garbage like you love to call then you would know exactly what I am talking about. If you pretend to be nonreligious shia like most do then that’s fine as well. Is that not what we are taught to say to non-shias!? Don’t we hate Sunnis n their sahabas, prophets wives, and curse them in our closed doors Majlis’s and repeatedly reminded that its a great deed if we do so? You can deny as much you want but deep in your heart you know, that all I said is true n facts from experience, shia books, majlis, behind doors religious gatherings, imams n Ayatullahs real speeches which are totally different from what they give to outside world, goes on n on…you get sick after a while with all that garbage, hate, lies, deceptions, n what not.
            Wish those naive Sunnis knew! I don’t know about their faith much or the other religions you mentioned, all I know is about our Shiism.
            Thank you my fellow in…for your reply!

      2. Spoken like a true “shit” my “shit” friend.

        1. man-o-war Avatar

          Spoken like a true moron.

          1. Learning from tolerant “shits”.

  3. Hind Abyad Avatar
    Hind Abyad

    Al Golani must be here with the cutest puppies..sorry not yet…

    1. 5thDrawer Avatar

      Mmmm .. nice artwork. 🙂

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