Israel demolishes 2 homes in Arab East Jerusalem

Israel demolishes two homes in flashpoint Arab East Jerusalem district of Silwan. Image provided by Wadi Hilweh Information Center - Silwan
Israel demolishes two homes in flashpoint Arab East Jerusalem district of Silwan. Image provided by Wadi Hilweh Information Center – Silwan

Israeli forces demolished two Palestinian homes on Tuesday in an East Jerusalem neighborhood that has been at the heart of clashes between Israeli police and Palestinian protesters, a move likely to exacerbate weeks of tension in the holy city.

Authorities knocked down the buildings near the district of Abu Tor, southeast of the Old City, in the early hours, saying they had been built without construction permits.

“At 5 o’clock this morning, around 90 policemen and two bulldozers kicked us out of the house and started destroying it without letting us take any of our belongings,” Hamza Abu Rajab, owner of one of the buildings, told Reuters.

He said his extended family of 17 was now homeless.

Jerusalem’s municipality said it had carried out two demolition orders on partially-built structures put up without permits in an area where building is banned.

“The municipality enforces the law against illegal building equally, in all parts of the city,” it said.

Tension has deepened in the Silwan and Abu Tor districts in recent months, with almost nightly clashes between Palestinians throwing rocks and setting off firecrackers and heavily armed Israeli police firing stun grenades and tear gas.

The unrest has grown since the July-August war in Gaza and the movement of dozens of Jewish settlers into Silwan in recent weeks. A push by Orthodox Jews to be allowed to pray at an Old City site that is holy to both Muslims and Jews, in defiance of a decades-long ban agreed by Israel, has also fueled anger.

Resisents are watching the demolishion of their   homes by Israel  in flashpoint Arab East Jerusalem district of Silwan
Resisents are watching the demolition of their homes by Israel in flashpoint Arab East Jerusalem district of Silwan. Image was provided by Wadi Hilweh Information Center – Silwan

In Abu Tor, clashes escalated last week after Israeli police killed a local man suspected of having shot and seriously wounded a right-wing Israeli activist who has called for Jews to be allowed to pray at the contested holy site, known to Muslims as the Noble Sanctuary and to Jews as Temple Mount.

A Palestinian official responsible for Jerusalem said the difficulty in getting housing permits applied unfairly to East Jerusalem’s mainly Arab residents. Locals frequently tell of years of struggle to secure a permit that takes a few weeks for Jewish residents in the western side of the city.

“This incident is part of an attempt to punish Arab Jerusalemites in various ways,” Ahmed Rwaidi said. “Why else are there building permits available in West Jerusalem and no demolitions there?”

Palestinians seek Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza – lands captured and occupied byIsrael after the 1967 war – for their future state.

Citing historical and Biblical roots, Israel regards all of Jerusalem as its capital and has annexed it in a move that is not accepted internationally.




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  1. 5thDrawer Avatar

    A story of ‘The Israel Method’. (personal knowledge file)

    The Israelis ‘invade’ and make it up and into Tyre. A family with a ‘home’ of some generations lives there peacefully and happily … Lebanese ‘originals’.
    The residents of Tyre are ‘ordered out’ of the city. Israel bombs the city. The residents are told they may return to their homes. BUT, ‘inspections’ are to be carried out.
    Next to the ‘family home’ is a new crater where another house once stood. The ‘family home’ is cracked, and a little slanted … BUT really intact and livable after dusting it.
    (fairly neat removal… I think I have a picture … amazing in a way)

    Family moves back in … begins to patch it up … WHICH is, according to ‘The Insidious Inspectors’, who broke the house, NOT ALLOWED because the house is ‘UNSAFE’.
    AND this is ‘noted’ for ‘future reference’. But No-One is offering any new home to go to.
    (poor Christians …)
    So, ‘the family’ patches, and continues to live there ‘illegally’ (for another generation) – according to the Israelis who can boot them at any moment of choosing – because the house is ‘marked’ as ‘unsafe’ … while the UN keeps their eye on matters just a little bit north on a ‘blue line’.

    One could imagine the ‘edicts’ … which are political inventions.
    (After all, we noted it’s unsafe – can’t be blamed if you chose to live in it and it fell on you)
    (you are ‘illegal’ in this unsafe location … get out)

    On a lovely September day some years later but while the UN was still there, on the second-floor patio shaded by growing trees in large pots, I enjoyed a wonderful meal with a happy and generous family … occasionally looking at the crater next door … and only noticed the slight shift in flooring angles when walking through from the kitchen to the bathroom. A fine patch job, and an ‘edict’ the Israelis never got to present, as it turned out. :-)))

    1. TheUSequalsTheIS Avatar

      life is “UNSAFE” in palestIne:

  2. There is no evil in contemporary times like Jewry evil. But no worries, these parasites will have their moment with fate and destiny. Phuuck Jewry.

    Long live and God bless his people, Palestine.

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