Lebanon MP: Hezbollah behaving worse than Islamic State


hezbollah ISIS ISILLebanon MP Antoine Zahra, a key member of the Lebanese Forces said that Hezbollah’s stances on minorities are more destructive than the actions of jihadist group the Islamic State (IS), and accused the party of threatening Lebanese coexistence and the structure of the state.

“It is the Lebanese who are afraid, not the Christians,” Zahra told Lebanese broadcaster MTV in an interview on Saturday.

“The attempt to push [Christians] into fear is a deceptive strategy [used by] the March 8 alliance and in the region [in general].” Zahra said

The purpose, he added, was “to turn back the clock and convince Christians that they are a target” in order to create an “alliance of the minorities.”

“The enemies of extremism are first [and foremost] moderate and open-minded Sunnis. The attempt to portray the danger of takfiri terrorism as a danger to other sects, and that it is fostered by the Sunnis, is a big deception.” Zahra stressed.

Hezbollah changed course
Hezbollah, which was credited with the liberation of Lebanese territories from Israel in 2000 was a very popular organization in Lebanon and throughout the Arab world. Back then pictures of the Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah were posted everywhere here in Lebanon and the Arab and Muslim countries.

But according to analysts ever since its 2006 war with Israel, Hezbollah has become a huge liability for Lebanon.

Despite the destruction of Lebanon’s infrastructure and the great loss of lives during that war Hezbollah claimed victory and used its arms to try and bring down the democratically elected government of former PM Fouad Siniora, who helped in ending that war which ended up costing Lebanon in excess of $15 billion.

In 2008 Hezbollah pointed its guns against the Lebanese people when it occupied more than half of Beirut and tried but failed with a great loss of lives to occupy Mt Lebanon .

In 2011 Hezbollah brought down the democratically elected government of former PM Saad Hariri and reportedly used its arms to force progressive socialist party leader MP Walid Jumblatt and his parliamentary bloc to vote for its candidate Nagib Mikati as the new premier .

Hezbollah which was established by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards in 1982 was also accused of being behind the attack against the Baabda presidential palace last August following president Suleiman’s speech on Army day in which he criticized Hezbollah’s role in Syrian civil war .

“The army’s mission would be impossible if a party or more from Lebanese people get involved in wars outside Lebanon ”, Suleiman stressed in another reference to the tens of thousands of Hezbollah fighters who have been trying to prevent the collapse of Syrian regime .

Tens of thousands of Hezbollah fighters are reportedly fighting alongside the forces loyal to president Assad against the Syrian rebels who are seeking to overthrow the 40 year old dictatorship despite the Baabda agreement that calls for distancing Lebanon from regional and international conflicts.

According to a lebanese analyst: “The party is willing to risk the foundations on which the entire Lebanese political system was built in order to prevent the collapse of Syrian President Bashar Assad’s regime and impede the work of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon that is probing the assassination of former premier Rafik Hariri.”

Five members of Hezbollah have been indicted by the Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL) in the assassination of former Lebanese prime minister Hariri , but Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah called the suspects brothers and refused to hand them over to the international court.

Lebanon Justice Minister Ashraf Rifi said last month that Hezbollah’s links with Iran and the way it deals with other political forces in Lebanon makes it similar to the Islamic State jihadist group , which has set up a “caliphate” across areas of Northern Syria and Iraq in recent months.

“Hezbollah and IS are similar,” Rifi said in an interview on LBC TV on August 21, 2014.

“Hezbollah [tries to] eliminate [its rivals.] Its project is Iranian and it wants hegemony over Lebanon. It follows that any group which tries to eliminate its rivals is like IS. ”

Rifi was the general director of the Lebanese Internal Security Forces from 2005 to 2013. He has been serving as minister of justice since February 15, 2014.



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  1. 5thDrawer Avatar

    Gee. And that’s just the ‘short List’ …..

  2. MaImequer0 Avatar

    Any comment comtessa??? Oh, let me guess, it’s all lies, israel created hezzies and every bad act ever committed by a hezzie is a mossad agent in disguise and iran is our friend….. This should sum-up your views quite nicely eh?

    1. $89733098 Avatar

      Good boy mal, u r learning. Never accuse the infallibles and their supporters of anything but good. Everything bad is Israel/Saudi/USA/Martians.

      1. MaImequer0 Avatar

        LOL ! Too true… did you see the most recent pic of the daft mare?

  3. $89733098 Avatar

    “The purpose, he added, was “to turn back the clock and convince Christians that they are a target” in order to create an “alliance of the minorities”

    Wow if one looks at Isis actions one could say they r helping the above purpose perfectly. Hmmmm terrorist sympathisers like farq and daft mare will of course deny reality. Taqqiyah!! Taqqiysh!! We all fall down.

    1. Your doing it again. I don’t understand your point?First of all in the bigger scheme zahra is insignificant. Secondly let him explain why there are virtually no Christians left in Iraq. After that he can tell the minorities they have nothing to fear. He says this while these pigs have openly declared a caliphate and those ” non believers ” either leave, pay taxes or are beheaded. I take it you are aware that 2 of our soldiers have been beheaded?

      1. $89733098 Avatar

        As long as u defend one type of terrorists u will not be taken seriously. Nothing worse than a hypocrite who defends terrorists while calling the others terrorists. U and ur kind (farqed up and daft mare) r terrorist enablers.

      2. $89733098 Avatar

        Funny how u and daft mare only notice what’s happening to the Christians in Iraq NOW! Where were u for the past 8 years when Maliki and the rest of the shite terrorists were driving out EVERYBODY not shite, including Christians, Sunnis and even Kurds plus gays. Stop your hypocrisy PLZ!

  4. Such are the well known tactics of such groups,keeping suspicion going and spreading fear and the fight against ^the enemy^!!These are important for their existence !

    1. nagy_michael2 Avatar

      Well said Fauzia.. I totally agree.. Maybe hezbollah is not beheading their enemies but what about the car bombs that mutilated so many lebanese in order to serve the orders of Syria and Iran? i guess mutilation is more human than beheading.. who knows?? ask Nassrallah and he got the answer to all your problems.

  5. 5thDrawer Avatar

    For a little diversion away from the political crapola, and into The Planet’s (or God’s) hands … catch the sound of the gun-shot on this one. 🙂

  6. oscar1609 Avatar

    Hezbollah is no ISIS. Its a ridiculous comparison. ISIS is blood thirsty savage group of fanatical Sunni muslims who will kill Christians, Shias, Yazidis and any other non-sunni. Christians need to ally themselves with Hezbollah in order to defeat ISIS. Hezbollah has proven to be an effective fighting force and I dont see them running scared and surrendering like the whimpy Iraqi army.

    1. 5thDrawer Avatar

      Right. They can’t be quite as bad as ISIS, can they. Even if they cause Lebanon to not have a definite government to be able to make decisions.
      The ‘whimpy Iraqi army’ just didn’t want to defend Maliki. But they hadn’t actually met ISIS at that moment. 😉 Why they didn’t drive all the good equipment back to Baghdad instead of walking away from it is the great puzzler. Were they out of gas?
      Only The Tribesmen know for sure … and ISIS eliminated a lot of them anyway.

    2. $89733098 Avatar

      Yes yes we know hezbsatan is the Red Cross of the shites, only doing charity work for the ayatoilets. How dare anyone criticise those charitable hezbs!!! Off with their heads!!

    3. MekensehParty Avatar

      “I don’t see them running scared and surrendering like the wimpy Iraqi army”
      Of course scenes of what’s happening in the qalamoun are not reported by the resistance axis media, orange tv included.

      1. 5thDrawer Avatar

        No ’embedded spies’ … hohohohoho

      2. $89733098 Avatar

        Even if u did see scenes like that the likes of farqed up would scream “u can’t believe everything the media tells u”, while the daft mare will stick its head in the sand and claim salafis/zionists/NATO conspiracy theory.

    4. But this is why they control Lebanon, people/ government because of the resistance crap they come up with just so they destroy Lebanon and they say, look look we beat Israel and the Brainwshing begins. They sell drugs play with fake money steal as a Lebanese I can’t even visit the south anymore, they build on other people land in the airport, they drag Lebanon into a fight in Syria( remember they are part of government) do they care what happens to Lebanon using this bullshit resistance shit to scare people. They have a bigger plan they just take their time to do it like a Trojan horse sitting in parliament . Wake up and smell the shit.

    5. Isis will be dead and another will pop up. This is not about anything more than money and power, it has nothing to do with GOD. There is only one almighty peace/ love on earth and heaven. JESUS.

    1. $89733098 Avatar

      Of course how dare they execute someone protesting, only ur bf asshead is allowed to execute peaceful demonstrators.

      1. Hind Abyad Avatar

        You know nothing. I had female circumcision when I was seven years old so I have no interest in bf.

        1. 5thDrawer Avatar

          That’s a heavy thing to admit. Nothing we can say will change it.
          Sorry that some on here push you into such personal admissions.
          I understand now it wasn’t just being dumped into the snow that put you off the bastard who allowed it. 🙁

          After this and chats with Tripoli friends, I’m out for the day.

          1. 5thDrawer Avatar

            FOUND A place Barabie & Hind SHOULD live.
            There’s a need for Mal-Mucker there too … 😉

          2. Comtessa di Alba Avatar
            Comtessa di Alba

            So Drawer you believe i had a female circumcision when I was seven years old.. while you knew I’m a Christian?

        2. $89733098 Avatar

          Not interested in bf? Just in mutah right!!
          As for that stupid old man 5th, just shows how stupid and senile he is.

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