150,000 protest for Gaza in London

Pro Gaza protest  London
Pro-Palestinian demonstrators listen to speeches at a mass rally in London, on August 9, 2014 (AFP Photo/Leon Neal)

Tens of thousands of pro-Palestinian demonstrators marched through central London on Saturday, demanding Britain take a tougher line against Israel over its military assault on Gaza.

The Palestinian Solidarity Campaign said 150,000 people attended the march, the third major demonstration for Gaza in London in the past four weeks.

Protesters packed the main shopping artery of Oxford Street, marching to the US embassy and on to Hyde Park, many of them chanting “Free, Free Palestine” and holding up banners saying “UK – Stop Arming Israel”.

The first two protests attracted at least 10,000 people each, according to police, although organisers said it was more like 50,000 each time. Police declined to give a number for Saturday’s event.

Lindsey German, convenor of Stop the War Coalition, an umbrella group of NGOs, said: “The level of anger is unprecedented.

“The British government has remained silent whilst Israeli aerial bombardment and a ground incursion in Gaza has killed thousands.

“We are calling for an end to the massacre and the recall of the UK parliament. Our government must be forced to end its support for Israel’s siege of Gaza.”

There were also fresh protests in Paris, which has seen several demonstrations related to the war in recent weeks.

Several thousand people took part in the march, calling for the end of “Israeli aggression”, with a heavy police presence in place to prevent the violence seen at earlier protests.

In Britain, the chairman of the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign, Hugh Lanning, told AFP recent turnouts had been “amazing”.

“That level of support we have never seen before… The world supports Palestine,” he said.

Sayeeda Warsi, a Foreign Office minister and the first Muslim to sit in the British cabinet, dramatically resigned on Tuesday over what she said was the government’s “morally indefensible” policy on Gaza.

Prime Minister David Cameron said he regreted her decision, and said his government had expressed grave concern over the civilian casualties of the war and consistently called for a ceasefire.

On Saturday, Cameron announced that medical experts from the state-run National Health Service (NHS) would be deployed to the region within 48 hours.

“The conflict in Gaza has taken a terrible toll. The UK has been at the forefront of humanitarian efforts to help those affected and it is right that we see what more we can do,” he said.

Meanwhile a public appeal for aid for Gaza by the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC), on behalf of a number of British charities, had raised £4.5 million ($7.5 million, 5.6 million euros) since its launch on Friday.

Israeli warplanes pummelled Gaza with 40 air strikes on Saturday as militants hit back with 14 rocket attacks, leaving international mediators scrambling to rescue ceasefire talks.




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  1. Maborlz Ez-Hari Avatar
    Maborlz Ez-Hari

    Very proud of the protest, protesters, obviously this was organised and coordinated by a civilized group aiming to bring the attention of the world on What IS occurring in Gaza. The focus being the inhumane actions of the supposedly civil government of isreal. This is the only way to express the anger and outrage that the Palestinian people are feeling. And all responsible, peaceful people need to recognise what IS a heavy handed, disproportionately and unacceptable line taken by the isreali government towards a helpless people who have been subject to an occupying force since 1948.

  2. For those living in complete ignorance:

    It is not even about Palestinians, or Muslims. Israel even attacks it’s own Jews, and deploys eugenics on it’s African Jews well well, Israel would make Joseph Mengele – who once – aided by the aid of the US Rockefeller Foundation developed Nazi eugenics before deploying it in Auschwitz- proud how it ‘advanced’ in the ‘science’ of a sickening ideology of a clean race.

    But hell. Who remembers anyway!

    Nowadays cattle of the mass media which is owned for 97% by zionists just ‘eats’ what will be dished on the TV. It hurts apparently to use one’s mind this present times.

    Totally ignorant of the fact that Israel is committing a large scale genocide since 1937 Israel tries to sell you now the lie that all the rockets from Hamas are the newest threats. But wait! Hamas was founded in 1987 at the beginning of the FIrst Intifada. And is shooting home cooked flares since 2001, which, of course advanced because the common painted image that all ‘muzlimz’ are backwards is also one of their myths. Wake up! Already in the year 1275 Syrian engineer Hassan al-Rammah invented the concept of a torpedo, so surely evolutions in the matter of ammunition by Arabs goes on as well.

    What they don’t tell you…

    All Israeli Massacres since 1937
    There is no war. There is a genocide going on, systematically since 1937. And every occupied people, has the right of self defense in International Law. Armed resistance is a right too and Israel’s non existing right to so called self-defense do NOT, I repeat NOT precede the right of the people resisting genocide.

    So resistance has any right to stash and use as many ‘means’ as they want.

    And if the Jews of Warsaw ghetto would have had rockets, they would have used them too.

    But Israel wants you to believe the myths when they shout: THERE COMES A ROCKET FROM GAZA! So their main funder US sends in 8,5 Million tax-payers money a DAY to keep the genocidal machine going on. And all the obeying American tax payer get in return is nuclear waste of a country which did not even sign the non-proliferation treaty! But hence, there is a common factor between US and Israel: the profit of arms, development and the sales and Palestine is a testing-ground for such while you all are being raped in your wallet to fund the warmongers who commit a 77 year long genocide. The results of ‘effectiveness’ of these weapons can be seen in the latest results which Israel could not prevent to reach the common man and woman lately as social media buzzed the atrocities around swiftly. Thank God.

    1. 5thDrawer Avatar

      Btru2u … are you saying that most people are Obtuse?? Hard to believe. 😉

      (We could admit there is a cleaner result from nuclear … what a contrast! :-))

  3. Incredible footage of Christians, Jews and Muslims living under the protection of the ottomanss in Jerusalem .


    1. 5thDrawer Avatar

      Good old film. Amazing it lasted.
      A lot of the old cellulose fell apart or emulsions faded, depending on how it was stored. In Hollywood it tended to ‘self immolate’ if it got too hot.
      But let’s hear it for the early ‘documenters’ using the ‘new tech’ of their time. Pioneers all.

      Transcribing from the older ‘formats’ becomes one of our largest problems now – and the speed of ‘tech-change’ almost guarantees if you don’t keep a houseful of machines in working order, you will never see or hear some of the best of what was recorded … even 5 years ago.
      Yes. We’re all that stupid. :-))

  4. like getting angry at the sun for melting the snow

    1. Maborlz Ez-Hari Avatar
      Maborlz Ez-Hari

      Atleast the snow has a fair chance to exist even if its only in the winter, unlike the sun you guys dont get enough.

      1. very simple Maborlz: they don’t fire at us , we don’t fire at them. they know this and yet keep firing.
        imo, it’s so clear that Hamas will not stop till all of Gaza (All if it, not only sagaia & rafah) is destroyed that it’s better go through it fast and get it over with

        btw, did you have a chance to catch the BBC article how the palistinians LIE about the dead numbers?it was such a nice surprise to see that even the biggest supporters of the palis smell the fraud 🙂

        to sum it up:
        the first issue brought up was the pali claim for indiscriminate fire from israel.
        there are some serious difficulties accepting this claim:
        1. less then 200 woman and children dead, the number should be a lot higher if the fire was indeed indiscriminat
        2. among the men killed- over 70% are men in the age 20-29 , the most likly age for fighters

        other indications that the number is inflated were:
        the number included ALL the people in gaza that died last month, natural reasons, criminal and people executed by Hamas itself
        the numbers the UN chose to adopt are the numbers supplied by the lying palistinians and ignored (surprise surprise) the data supplied by the idf.

        for the closer the reporter REMINDED!!! the viewers that during cast led & pilar of defense , the pallistinians claimed for high numbers as well but the final count showed that the numbers the IDF supplied were much much more accurate

        so bottom line , you’re all influanced by the lowest kind of propaganda and if you allowed yourself to open to the truth , you’d see that the real killers of gaza are using you to fight for their “right” to destroy Gaza completly

        1. TheUSequalsTheIS Avatar

          its even more simple. if u dont occupy their land, they dont fire at u… now go back to europe if u dont like to be fired at


          1. ignorant little fool lol.. when i thought it couldn’t get any better ,it does :))

            i do not have a milligram of Euro blood in me, my grand parents were deported from iraq in the 50’th. i belong here more then you do :)))

          2. TheUSequalsTheIS Avatar

            now its time for u to get deported back to europe… ur time will come sooner or later n then it aint gonna be pretty wooooooooosssshhhhh…
            did u enjoy the clip btw?

          3. Anti ISIS Avatar
            Anti ISIS

            I love it Irani. Put a massive smile on my face. -:))))))))))))))))))))))

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          5. Anti ISIS Avatar
            Anti ISIS

            I wonder if our resident Zionist liked it. Lol

          6. TheUSequalsTheIS Avatar

            i dont think so, but wud u hold on a sec… i wanna find u a even funnier clip to show how stupid stupid stupid americans r 😉

          7. Anti ISIS Avatar
            Anti ISIS

            Can’t wait bro.

          8. TheUSequalsTheIS Avatar

            wait for it a little bit longer…. u r gonna looooooooovvvvve it :)))))

          9. Anti ISIS Avatar
            Anti ISIS

            Lol. That is a beauty.

          10. TheUSequalsTheIS Avatar

            loolllll hhhhhhh 🙂 i cant stop laughing

          11. cook2half Avatar


          12. cook2half Avatar

            You are also anti-American? how nazi of you

          13. Anti ISIS Avatar
            Anti ISIS

            Nice of you to grace us with your presence over cooked

          14. cook2half Avatar

            They block Youtube here in the office. From a scale of 1 to 10 how stupid is the video he posted?

          15. Anti ISIS Avatar
            Anti ISIS

            It’s an 11 out of 10. Friggen hilarious. A real tribute to how stupid the yanks really are.

          16. cook2half Avatar

            lol, I will watch it later.

          17. TheUSequalsTheIS Avatar

            n then u hate iran for internet cencorship ??? r u in iran??? u can tell me i wont tell u mama

          18. cook2half Avatar

            “in the office” to stop people from wasting time on facebook and stupid videos lol!

          19. TheUSequalsTheIS Avatar

            it doesnt stop u from spaming yalibnan

          20. cook2half Avatar

            How’s Syria war going? =P

          21. TheUSequalsTheIS Avatar

            i can find u some youtube clips showing how the issisis n fasasasa r getting wiped out but u wudnt be able to watch them anyways

          22. Anti ISIS Avatar
            Anti ISIS

            Yet here you are wasting your time. Lol

          23. Anti ISIS Avatar
            Anti ISIS

            Sorry Irani, that wasting your time comment was for cook not you. -:))

          24. TheUSequalsTheIS Avatar

            i know 🙂

          25. Anti ISIS Avatar
            Anti ISIS

            Never knew thay allowed internet in the psych ward. Good for you cook.

          26. TheUSequalsTheIS Avatar

            it sooo funny! 10! before u rush home watching the clip i wanna let u know that i dont take any responsibility for any heart attack

          27. do you really think i watched??
            lol common bro

          28. yep..short on brain cells…

            so sad, lol lucky you’re our enemies

          29. Anti ISIS Avatar
            Anti ISIS

            Funny you say that, most of the world are your enemies.

          30. funny that YOU say that lol

          31. Anti ISIS Avatar
            Anti ISIS

            Only stipulating the obvious.

          32. obvious to who? people who live in the past.
            tides are turning ,anybody who opens his eyes can see that.
            look for hate crime statistics against muslims in europ since yo don’t believe me.

          33. TheUSequalsTheIS Avatar

            well of course none of those u pay $3000 a year to like u will ever admit that they in fact hate u

          34. i make $2.5k a month little one.
            i’m here for the laughs

          35. TheUSequalsTheIS Avatar

            in that case enjoy the clibs… ana lisa 3am bd7ak 😀 hhhhhhh

          36. translation, little one?

          37. TheUSequalsTheIS Avatar

            r u too stupid to understand arabic?

          38. no..i just invest my time in other important things

            achshaiv lechi hapsi mi yenaanea otach 😉

          39. TheUSequalsTheIS Avatar

            is spreading pro-israeli propaganda one of the ‘important’ things u invest ur time in? the fact that israel pays u $3k a year to do so this is one hell of an investment.

          40. $89733098 Avatar

            2.5 a month?? Is that all? And u r bragging about that? Lmfao

          41. no dear, the irani claimed i make it in a year, i corrected it

          42. TheUSequalsTheIS Avatar

            no i claimed that u make 3k a year on ur little ‘investment’

          43. my bad, you’re wrong ofcoourse but my bad

          44. in the US i would make 6-8k monthly for my work, maybe 6 figures yearly but that would mean i need to move to the US

          45. 5thDrawer Avatar

            And also pay higher taxes … something everyone hates.
            It’s one way to keep the tax-man away.
            Mind you, the friends who make nothing in Lebanon are really wishing they could pay some … yours sounds about right … any openings??

          46. i wouldn’t bet on the higher taxes..the tax is a butcher here

          47. Joe Deno Avatar

            Throw you dirty towel head mother down the well

          48. TheUSequalsTheIS Avatar

            u go first 😉

  5. cook2half Avatar

    Go to Gaza then. Stop waving foreign flags in England, parasites

    1. TheUSequalsTheIS Avatar

      yes go to gaza n throw the nasty jews down the well


    2. Many European leaders are openly appalled by Israel’s actions in Gaza and Europe’s large Muslim population has been at the forefront of anti-Israel demonstrations. But Europe’s Muslims are an often marginalised and unpopular group. Manuel Valls, the French prime minister, has condemned anti-Semitic demonstrations which he says have fused the “Falsetinian cause, jihadism, the detestation of Israel and the hatred of France”. Any such fusion helps Israel because it reduces sympathy for the Falestinians

  6. LEBANON101 Avatar

    All these people are sheep. No one cares about fake ass palestine or dumb ass israel . F them both we all have our own problems. Where are all these people when thousands get killed in iraq or africa.

    1. cook2half Avatar

      I love that tree..

      1. Maborlz Ez-Hari Avatar
        Maborlz Ez-Hari

        Me too.

  7. 5thDrawer Avatar

    Check out what ‘Protesters’ are doing in St. Louis today … Seems no-one had TVs down there. :-))
    Everyone wants to watch the ‘news’ I guess.
    But like other places where the brain-dead ‘protesters’ who just trash anything (where they can get away with it), ‘for the cause’, the taxpayers will pick up the bills. And then blame politicians.

  8. Many European leaders are openly appalled by Israel’s actions in Gaza and Europe’s large Muslim population has been at the forefront of anti-Israel demonstrations. But Europe’s Muslims are an often marginalised and unpopular group. Manuel Valls, the French prime minister, has condemned anti-Semitic demonstrations which he says have fused the “Falsetinian cause, jihadism, the detestation of Israel and the hatred of France”. Any such fusion helps Israel because it reduces sympathy for the Falstinians

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