Israel claims 47 % of Gaza dead were combatants

Father's Grief: The father of one of the four boys, all from the Baker family, killed during Israeli shelling, react outside the al-Shifa hospital in Gaza City.
Father’s Grief: The father of one of the four boys, all from the Baker family, killed during Israeli shelling, react outside the al-Shifa hospital in Gaza City.

Israel has evidence that almost half of Palestinians killed in the 25-day-old Gaza war were combatants, its deputy foreign minister said on Saturday, pushing back against international allegations of a lopsidedly heavy civilian death toll.

Gazan human rights groups say at least 80 percent of the 1,669 Palestinians killed have been non-combatants, including hundreds of children. The U.N. Human Rights Council last week accused the Israelis of “disproportionate and indiscriminate attacks” and launched an inquiry into possible war crimes.

Israel, which has lost 63 soldiers and 3 civilians to the fighting, says it has done everything possible to avoid harming innocents and that Gaza’s dominant Hamas Islamists invite such casualties by operating in densely populated areas.

“There is research being done in the military, very professionally and reliably, (whose) conclusion is that at least 47% of the fatalities are terrorists, with photographs and names,” Tzachi Hanegbi told Israel’s Channel Two television, adding that the data would be presented to investigators.

Huge Loss: Relatives of the four Baker family children, killed in Israeli Air-strikes while they were playing, seen mourning at their funeral yesterday.
Huge Loss: Relatives of the four Baker family children, killed in Israeli Air-strikes while they were playing, seen mourning at their funeral yesterday. Gazan human rights groups say at least 80 percent of the Palestinians killed have been non-combatants, including hundreds of children. The U.N. Human Rights Council last week accused the Israelis of “disproportionate and indiscriminate attacks” and launched an inquiry into possible war crimes.

He did not elaborate. Israel rejected the U.N. Human Rights Council’s probe announcement, describing the forum as biased, but usually conducts its own combat inquiries.

Israel says Hamas and other Palestinian guerrillas in Gaza are terrorists and in past conflicts has used broad definitions of combatants – including, for example, Palestinian policemen working for the Hamas administration.




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  1. 5thDrawer Avatar

    Plus or minus 0.64% 29 times out of 28 …. ;-))))
    (Polls conducted during cease-fires …. adjustment made for interrupted ones – and tunnel attacks.)

  2. allow them to evacuate and it would be 90% combatatants

    1. 5thDrawer Avatar

      And ‘combatants’ leaving is bad, because …..
      So you think it’s good to keep them bottled up there with their weapons – which they couldn’t take with them if they were leaving to go somewhere else.
      Open the sea-route to the Suez canal for them to leave …. after you check out the fishermen at the dock, of course, where they can’t catch any fish anyway.
      It’s kind of romantically poetic … boat-people created by boat-people … plays could be written. Bollywood would love the themes … strong beards faced into the setting sun at the prow – man and woman, and babies made on the journey.
      Somalia beckons …..
      (oh wait .. those are the Lebanese plays … I got the notes mixed …)
      Madagascar beckons ….

      1. combatants say they love death and want to die, i respect that and have no problem speeding the proccess of them meeting their 72 virgins.
        if they really love to die as they say, then let the civilians go and we would help them die… seems they have hard time putting their money where their mouth is, as far as i saw, Hamas fighters were busy hiding and running away…then i guess the spoke person of Hamas believes he speaks for the civilians when he say they love death ,he might even believe he is doing them a favor only that he forgot to ask them
        as for civilians, if they want to stay, stay, if they want to leave, leave.
        just do it through the Egyptian border if you can.

        1. 5thDrawer Avatar

          Yes … I saw that ‘crossing point’ … almost a day’s adventure in itself getting ‘permission’ to both come and go … and to float through a rather long ‘border-land’ in between. One would think the ‘go’ sides would be less time-consuming, at least. But then, I watch how kids from Honduras and Ecuador are doing in crossing from Mexico to USA …. and think how convoluted the world has become. Did you export the philosophy of ‘crossings’? 😉

          1. maybe the “go” part could be easier if the people on the other side were willing to accept them? ..did you ask yourself why do the egyptians oppose recieving palistinians so much?
            as for “export crossing”’s bs and you know it too. it’s your emotion speaking and nothing more.
            the US and other nations treat people at border crossing just the same as israel and for a longer time period so spare me the attempt (another one) to portray us as the scourge of this planet.

          2. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Actually, I believe that was in both directions …. and the worst seemed to be trying to get INTO Gaza. It’s really not the same at others … especially if the papers are in order. One can even stay in the car while being ‘checked out’.
            And I have driven from Germany into France without even seeing a guard … and then into Switzerland … or has everything gone nuts there since my last visit?
            The idea of making a tourist feel ‘welcome’ even exists in the Beirut Airport.
            It’s only the ride from it that becomes ‘iffy’. :-)))

          3. when the passes are open there is no problem moving, passes are usually closed due to mortar shelling/bombing or other terror related activities.
            regardless of what they want you to believe ,supplies are daily moved into gaza.
            another thing is …why are you picking on israel fro closing it’s crossing while egypt does the same ?
            when french people will have a10-20% of them vowing to destroy germany i promise you that not even one frech person would go into germany without security clearance.

            you’re mistake is that you judge ME people according to western standards,and within this mis-conception there is a nice amount of hypocrisy as well – you seem to be contenet in demanding those standards from israel only while accepting Hamas’s right to terorize a neighbor state.
            well…after 30 days of fighting it’s clear :
            a.Hamas will not stop till it destroys israel or die trying
            b. israel will do the best it can to speed up hamas’s dying

            as for all the people here who condemn israel- they are all cowards! scared to stand bravely and say out loud that Hamas is killing Gaza

          4. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Doron. Don’t think I have not seen the ‘M-Eastern standards’. Why ‘they’ have not noticed some western ones is the part that’s beyond me. Even if we throw in the ‘religious factors’.
            And as far as ‘judgement’ goes, I attempt always to ‘see’ a difference of culture … in the place I am.
            Let’s simply say I tend more to the lines of the anti-Hamas-type minds.
            I had, until his recent passing, a Jewish friend here – born here and Canadian – who was strangely much like Hind. Could never leave the subject of his ‘connections’ alone … had relatives ‘back home’ too … visited Israel often.
            Let’s say we were ‘together’ in an organization not religious in it’s base.
            And he was a good man, with enough intellect to be interesting.
            For 50 years I listened to ‘anecdotal’ stories and jokes both about Jews and life, as well as the little vilifications of ‘other people’ too. He was unable to disconnect from that, even if born Canadian. There was a difference.
            When EVERY time someone talks about anything in any discussion on any subject and it rolls eventually into that ‘cultural bias’ which inevitably connects somewhere in the mind even by a single word, it becomes a little boring. And I attempt to remember that when I ‘chat’ with Canadian folks … the ‘deep interest’ in some things ‘Lebanese’ does not mean a Canadian wants to hear about the place ad-infinitum. Especially as I learn more….
            Everyone here thinks you are ALL NUTS. 🙂 Understand? :-))

            But the ‘modern’ Canadian does have a problem … he is now used to seeing people all the time with different colours of skin, dressed in various costumes, and having their own little rituals and places to send up praise or whatever …. (someone said 157 different nationalities in one city – maybe more, I think) … and we attempt to be not bashing them all the time – or at each other.
            I won’t say that has always been an easy thing to achieve. But we now think it works out better for everyone anyway. And hope that eventually the ‘imports’ will also understand that … a couple of generations down the road.
            Sometimes it’s tough to keep a mouth shut. And I think some of it comes from education at the earliest ages. So … we have a Public School System.
            The Problem ?? SOME think their ‘religion’ is not being noted well enough within that system. They plant their own ‘ideas’ in the minds in ‘private-school’ settings. Which is allowed, of course.

            I see that as a little bit of ‘Our Peace is Better than Canadian Peace’ sort of thought. ‘WE’ need to teach about ‘US’. (what kid ever enjoyed history?)
            The only hope for my grandchildren who are truly ‘colour-blind’ is for the ‘separate-school’ people to use their eyes after class, and actually see how the ‘Public System’ truly functions … if not for ‘all’ then for ‘most’; and really does give the ‘all’ a chance for a life.
            They have a chance to become Canadian. We make jokes about everyone. 🙂
            (personally, I love jokes about Hockey players …)
            We don’t think throwing bombs at each other all the time is – no matter how effective they are – among the greatest accomplishments of any human experience. We had the experience of two world wars. And said ‘enough’.
            There should be a better way …. too many Canadians died for ‘them’.
            Although I admit some of us think ‘we’ should have raised our own wall on the shores after #2 – and ignored the rest of you idiots – there was just too much inter-marriage going on (even with Americans 😉 to have a vote on that ever to pass in a democratic fashion. So, some still die for ‘them’. Damn.
            Nevertheless, THAT is MY CULTURAL BASE … and I’m looking at YOU too.

            In ‘YaLibnan’ I try to concentrate on that ‘outside interest’ I have, ‘for’ some people I really feel are being treated most inequitably, I guess; and yet someone is always throwing in the ‘ISRAEL FACTOR’ to screw it up. Have you noticed that? It’s becoming a real bitch.
            And the Lebanese can’t sort it out in their heads either.
            Hmmmm … although I don’t want it for my grandchildren, it may be necessary for Canada to ‘come out’ again and stomp ALL your sorry asses once more. THINK about THAT. BE AFRAID !!

          5. all i can say is that IF i was a Canadian , i would see things the same way as you do.
            i know i’m whistling an old tune here but this is the only things that works ‘here’.
            the privet schools you mentioned are the schools in Gaza, you’re more then welcome to search youtube for” unrwa schools curriculum” if you want to see who this joke of an institute supports.( no , we do not teach propaganda in israel)
            christians have an obligation to turn the other cheek (why, i never understood)
            we have our obligation : he who comes to kill you- kill him first.
            this is Hamas, it comes to kill us and does not hide this. we have an obligation to destroy it before it destroys us.

            i know you read this and shake your head at me and i humbly ask for you not judging me from the pov of a person who’s reality is different from mine. my priority is the safety and continuation of my home land. a priority that ,fortunately for you, is i-relevant in Canada

  3. Anti ISIS Avatar
    Anti ISIS

    47% Israel says. Well it must be true
    After all, Israel always tells the truth just like their big brother the US. Waiting on you Real to come in and defend these animals.

  4. cook2half Avatar

    Loss of life is very sad, maybe its better if they flee their homes for safety, go abroad

  5. nagy_michael2 Avatar

    Yah when many nations objected to PLO killing Lebanese, Ghaddafi told Arafat then sacrifice your people and you will gain sympathy. They sure got that after the death of Bashir Gemayel with Pro Syrian commander then of the LF Elie Hobeika and sent the militiamen to kill Palestinians.. But of Course also israeli Soldiers were standing outside the camps and were having fun too looking afar as if they know nothing..the moral of the story is Israeli is right that hamas is using civilians in order to bring israel to its heal. Hezbollah did that not only to Shiites civilians but sunnis and Christians.. If you can’t beat them by the gun then beat them by the world empathy..

    1. The real lebanese Avatar
      The real lebanese

      There should be no empathy considering Hamas has not only rejected cease fires, but broken them by kidnappings. The world media is blind.

      1. 5thDrawer Avatar

        Most empathy is for children … then women … the defenceless, basically.
        It’s ‘men’ who make wars. (‘winners’ make … well …. everything, like history …)
        By and large, they also run the various medias … and it seems even the illiterate can understand a radio or TV show. I would dare to say MOST of the world is functionally illiterate, let alone able to read their own language in some parts of it.
        My thought of course.
        Concepts of human endeavour and it’s historical mistakes are found more in the books written by the great thinkers. And those concepts should be rounding off at age 20 … after which self-assesed ideas of directions in life can take place with more reading. One could then really understand better the ‘media take’ on events, by 40.
        When Universities are giving ‘remedial reading’ classes, you know there’s a problem.

        1. The real lebanese Avatar
          The real lebanese

          But Israel continues to be demonized when Hamas has been given many chances to stop the fighting.

          1. $89733098 Avatar

            R u still pretending ur not a Zionist!!

          2. The real lebanese Avatar
            The real lebanese

            Are you still pretending you support Palestinians when you support the continuation of violence.

          3. $89733098 Avatar

            Like Hind said, u r born an idiot and will die an idiot.

          4. Anti ISIS Avatar
            Anti ISIS

            He will swear black and blue till the day he dies.

        2. $89733098 Avatar

          “Most empathy is for children … then women … the defenceless, basically.”

          I take offence to being labeled “defenceless” purely coz of my sex. Typical male chauvinist attitude.

          1. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Sorry …. I can see you’re not defenceless 😉 I admit to casting generalities.
            And yet, surely you get some ‘protective’ feelings from men for being in that shape? :-))) At least you agree on the children bit.
            Allow me to add ‘old men’ to the list …. now. 😉
            (ooohhh … I feel the empathy … thanks guys ….)

            I know if you were in Lebanon, you would be one of the crowd of 100 women marching in Beirut for ‘women’s rights’. They need more … without fear.

          2. $89733098 Avatar

            Lol in a strange way I actually like u. And thank u for the apology.
            Btw this doesn’t mean I won’t lash out in the future if I believe u r being unreasonable.

          3. 5thDrawer Avatar

            :-O :-} Yes, M’am.

  6. sweetvirgo Avatar

    Hama is to blame for this loss of life. Israel is saying they have the bigger balls…hamas is saying no they have the bigger bals. Who suffers?? The people….always its the innoncent on both sides.

  7. Israel is yet again committing genocide:

    What we are witnessing now is the extension of the program of national erasure against the Palestinians that the Zionist project has always entailed, at times overtly, but more often covertly.

    As defined by the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, Article 2, it consists of “any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:”

    (a) Killing members of the group;
    (b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;
    (c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;
    (d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;
    (e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.

    The law protects national groups such as the Palestinians when they are targeted “as such,” i.e. for being Palestinians. Scholars note that “The ‘in whole or in part’ means that there is no lower limit to the number of people on which these acts may be committed. It is genocide even any of the Acts (a)-(e) are on one person with the intent described.” That is, it is not necessary that large numbers of persons be killed for a policy to qualify as a violation of this convention, though in the present Gaza campaign alone one in a thousand residents of Gaza has been killed by the Israeli military (the equivalent of killing 310,000 Americans). The Israeli military deliberately knocked out the Gaza Strip’s only electricity plant, making it impossible for water purification plants to operate and so depriving most Palestinians of potable water. Infants and toddlers are at special risk of mortality from dirty water. The conditions of life imposed on the people of Gaza are indisputably causing serious mental and bodily harm.

    Ordinarily the Israeli campaign against the Palestinians is creeping and deliberate, involving processes of detention, and restriction: the abject denial of basic human rights and dignities that is integral to political and military occupation. It is “incremental genocide” (to borrow a phrase from the scholar Ilan Pappe).

    Israeli action against the Palestinians is slow out of political necessity; since World War II the world will typically not tolerate the attempt by one ethnic/national group to eliminate another (indeed on several occasions more powerful states have intervened militarily to attack those attempting to erase another people).

    But there are moments when the Zionist program against the Palestinian people involves a barrage of intensity and barbarity during which the complete scope of the nature of Israeli policy is unleashed full force. Israeli civil society is complicit in this ferocious drive as well. In addition to the horror of the current political and military assault against Gaza, groups of violent Israelis have been captured on video parading around Jerusalem and other cities chanting “Death to Arabs.” In one particularly disturbing scene, a splinter group of 3 to 5 youths backed by a larger hostile faction set up a makeshift road block in west Jerusalem, stopping cars to inquire of the driver “Are you Jewish?” None dare answer in the negative; a horrific fate could await those who might answer “no.”

    These same radical groups (Im Tirtzu, among others) venerate Baruch Goldstein, the slaughterer of men, women, and children in the Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron in February of 1994, honoring him with parties, street signs, and graffiti telling the world that “Dr. Goldstein was right” (Goldstein was a physician from New York).

    Likewise it is important to note that in a recent poll, 86.5% of Israelis surveyed said that they did not want to see a ceasefire take hold during the current assault on Gaza; the vast majority of Israeli citizens will the operation to continue even though 80% of the casualties have been non-combatants. (For a thorough investigation of contemporary Israeli society, see Max Blumenthal’s Goliath: Life and Loathing in Greater Israel, 2013).

    The intent of Israel— – far removed from anything to do with immediate self-defense— – is to forever erase the Palestinian nation. If in the prosecution of this goal, women, children, the aged are killed by high-powered ordnance in the center of densely populated, civilian areas, so be it. The second purpose of this slaughter is to send the message that this kind of grotesquery can happen at any time of Israel’s choosing. Up to this point in the bombardment more than 400,000 Palestinians—a third of the population of Gaza—- have been driven out of their homes and left without electricity or other necessities of life.

    The Israeli leadership behaves with utter impunity. Netanyahu’s government is able to push international opinion to the brink of condemnation and censure (Latin America has been the moral conscience of the globe over the course of the last two weeks). But the Israeli government then settles back into its normal pattern of “incremental genocide.”

    Only a massive swell of negative global opinion, widespread protest, institutionalized boycott, broad divestment, and/or huge public condemnation can stem the tide of unchecked Israeli aggression. Internal citizen pressures against all governments who support Israeli atrocity might be able bring Israel to its senses; the Likud government clearly will not cease this destruction of its own volition.

    What we are seeing now are the horrible consequences of Israeli policy, laid bare for the world to see. If we remain silent, that policy may well prove successful.

    1. 5thDrawer Avatar

      Then you have to do that ‘protesting’ in a steady, reasonable, and calmly efficient yet accurate manner – as the very few Jews of the world have largely done to promote that ‘ZionLand’ image. Trashing everyone else’s calm and peaceful daily lives promotes only fear or loathing – much as, I am sure, the stopping of traffic to demand a ‘correct’ answer to an ‘incorrect’ question, or to hand out Korans with a gun on your shoulder, does.
      Anything based only in ‘passionate belief’ can’t work well for humans.
      You might be able to beat them at their own game. And in the next 100 years or so, be a ‘society’ which functions.
      Considering the speed of ‘information flow’ these days, there might be a thought it could be accomplished in 50 or less … but no. A couple of generations at least must go by to ‘forget’ the horror and have the education sink in.
      And thinking on that …….
      If the ‘Zion-Caliph’ began in 1897, it is unreasonable to expect the ‘Jihad-Caliph’ to work much faster, even if his method is more horrifically genocidal.

  8. 1897
    Zionist leader Theodor Herzl organizes the first Zionist conference in Basle, Switzerland. The conference concludes with the adoption of resolutions to develop a systematic program of colonizing Palestine.

    Herzl proposes forced transfer of native Palestinian population out of Palestine.

    Racist Eastern European ethnic Ashkenazi settlers organize to terrorize the native people of Palestine.

    Zionists collaborate with Nazis to fund the creation of a Jewish State on Palestinian land.

    Arab leaders offer asylum to European Jews fleeing the Nazis and present a plan for legal Jewish immigration to Arab countries. Zionist leader Ben-Gurion refuses offer and condemns millions of Jews to death.

    Zionists begin genocide of Palestinians. Arab states attempt humanitarian intervention but fail.

    Israel destroys hundreds of Biblical villages, murders or expels 700,000 to 1,000,000 Palestinians.

    Israel wages two aggressive, premeditated wars against Arab nations, grabs land from Syria, Egypt, and Jordan, expels hundreds of thousands of people, and kills thousands of Egyptian and Palestinian prisoners.

    Israel invades Lebanon and starts a war in which 20,000 Lebanese civilians are killed. 2,000 unarmed Palestinian women, children and old men are massacred at Sabra and Shatilla refugee camps.

    Arafat initiates the Middle East Peace Process at the UN General Assembly in Geneva.

    Oslo agreement solidifies Israel’s apartheid system and disenfranchises Palestinian refugees.

    Arafat rejects Israel’s “generous offer” to imprison Palestinian natives on isolated reservations.

    Israel begins construction of a 650-km Wall to surround and starve Palestinian population areas.
    Israel attacks Jenin refugee camp with bulldozers and buries Palestinians alive in the rubble.

    Israeli bulldozer deliberately crushes and kills 23-year old American peace activist Rachel Corrie while she takes part in nonviolent protest to stop the demolition of a Palestinian doctor’s home.

    Racist ethnic Ashkenazi Neoconservatives manipulate the USA into attacking Iraq. Thousands of Americans and tens of thousands of Iraqis die for Israel. Zionist-dictated policy threatens the economic well being of all Americans, and the USA is now directly involved in the same sort of criminal occupation that the State of Israel maintains.

  9. Are Zionists the Oppressed?

    Twenty-seven days have passed since the Israeli regime launched an all-out assault on the Gaza Strip in southwestern Palestine. With a population of 1.8 million people and a total area of 360 square kilometers, the region has turned into the focal point of the Palestinians’ resistance against the relentless Israeli acts of aggressions and continuous occupation.

    Over 1,700 Palestinians have been killed and some 10,000 others severely injured in the Israeli regime’s attacks against the civilians over the past 27 days. There is currently no secure place in Gaza. Zionists are even shelling and bombarding houses, hospitals, schools and shelters of the United Nations. Global protests and even tears of the UN envoy to Palestine have failed to have the slightest impact on the Israeli regime’s clear bid for genocide in the Gaza Strip.

    Israel was forced to withdraw from Gaza in 2005 following the resistance of the Gazans against Tel Aviv’s illegal settlement plans and a gradual occupation of the enclave. Tel Aviv then placed restrictions on the Gazans by imposing an all-out siege and sanctions regime over the past nine years and even a 22-day war in 2008 and an eight-day war in 2012. The regime thinks it can take revenge on the Islamic resistance through a cruel war against the civilians in the Gaza Strip.

    Media affiliated to the Zionists and Israel’s allies, particularly the US, are also trying to cover up this policy and the Zionists’ inhuman, warmongering and cruel aims. They are ignoring the ongoing realities in Gaza in order to justify Israel’s crimes as military efforts to find and destroy Hamas tunnels in Gaza. This is a lie that no one in the world has accepted it despite the production of thousands of news items, photos and videos because it is not acceptable that the Zionist army is allowed to massacre hundreds of women and children and shell civilians, the injured people and relief teams in hospital and shelters with the purpose of targeting Hamas tunnels.

    Israel’s objective behind this obvious genocide is completely clear. As a racist, cruel and dictatorial regime, Israel responds to any resistance against its policies with an iron fist and sees no limitation or obstacles in the world for implementing this policy.

    The historical irony is that the Israeli regime and its policies are a reminder of Nazi Germany during Hitler’s time in 1939-1945. The Nazi Germany under its leader, Hitler, pursued the same political policy which included expansionism and occupation of European countries through the policy of a military iron fist and inattention to all legal, international and moral regulations through racism and anti-Semitism.

    Today, the Zionists have also occupied the land of an oppressed nation, Palestine, and compelled millions of the Palestinians to flee into nearby countries and other parts of the world. They are pursuing the same Nazi approaches and Hitler’s policies in cracking down on the oppressed Palestinian people. If Hitler was against the Jews, the Israeli regime is also against the Palestinians and seeks the destruction of all those who are resisting against its bullying.

    It is also tragic that the liberal world resisted against Hitler in a period between the end of World War I and the beginning of World War II. However, not only is the so-called liberal Western world presently keeping a disgraceful silence on the Zionist regime’s racist policies and the killing of innocent people, but it is also in fact supporting Tel Aviv’s measures by taking no action.

    Over the past 27 days, Israel has demolished all the achievements of the modern world after World War II step by step. Concepts and notions such as human rights, international law, peace, Security Council, diplomacy, international conventions and international organizations are among the post-war world achievements which were made at the cost of 50 million lives in wars.

    But, the racist Israeli regime has blatantly demolished all these achievements and values over the past 27 days and seeks to prove that bullying and violence are the only ways to survive in the international scene and that legal, moral, political and human means have no application in the world.

    The Israeli regime, through such an attitude, is in fact confirming that its identity is illegitimate because legitimate and legal establishments have no need for violence and bullying for their survival. Illegal and illegitimate regimes need bullying, terrorism and violence for their survival.

    The supportive silence in the face of the Zionists’ genocide in Gaza is support for the revival of racist policies of Hitler’s Nazis in the world and an approval of the law of jungle in international relations. It also means that any illegal and illegitimate move can be justified through bullying and violence.

    The shameful role of the so-called civilized countries and permanent members of the United Nations Security Council – the US, Britain, France, Russia and China — is the most regrettable issue. They have shown no appropriate reaction and carried out no practical measure to defend international norms after Israel’s genocide in Gaza.

    Although one side of the Gaza coin is full of tragedy and sorrow for violation of all human, moral and legal principles and killing of civilians, particularly innocent children and women, by the Israeli regime, there is also a flip side.

    The establishment and spread of international hatred of a regime which can be can be presented to the world as the most important threat to global peace and civilization is the other side of the Gaza coin. Israel is offering a real image of itself which is associated with unforgettable fury and hatred of this regime. Opponents of the Israeli regime are increasing day by day.

    Freedom- and peace-seeking people, Muslims, opponents of war, terror, violence, dictatorship and political cruelty as well as advocates of international law and international order have come to the understanding that the Israeli regime is a serious threat to global peace and that its survival will not be reconcilable with the survival of security and international order.

    It is surprising that Western experts did not remind Western politicians of such realities and allow their security to be put up for sale as the Westerners are keeping silent and taking no action against the Israeli regime’s genocide in Gaza.

    The world today expects that the Israeli regime’s attacks against the defenseless people in Gaza stop, the region’s blockade and sanctions be lifted and all those who played a hand in the ongoing war crime against humanity be put on trail and punished. It also expects that peacekeeping forces be sent to the region and the case of Israel’s genocide be examined at the Security Council and also referred to international justice court.

    If such measures are carried out, hopes will rise for the existence of a minimum level of international order. What we are currently witnessing is anarchy promoted by the Israelis which is a kind of regeneration of the Nazi genocide and warmongering but of a Zionist kind.

  10. Genocide is Permissible in Zionism:

    An Israeli News Paper has removed an article from its website, which urged “Genocide” in the besieged Gaza Strip, a report says. The article titled “When Genocide Is Permissible” was published by The Times of Israel on Friday, but was removed hours later, the Moon of Alabama website reported. Written by Yochanan Gordon, who defended the move on his Twitter page, the article called for committing genocide against the Palestinian civilians in Gaza who have been under a massive Israeli assault in the last 27 days.

    Israel’s “hands are being tied by world leaders who over the past six years have insisted they are such good friends with” the regime, Gordon claimed, adding that “nothing, then, can be considered disproportionate” in fight against Gazans.

    Closing his eyes on the widespread reports of civilian casualties inflicted by the Israeli attacks on Gaza, the author stated that according to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the purpose of the raid is to “restore a sustainable quiet for the citizens of Israel.” “If political leaders and military experts determine that the only way to achieve its goal of sustaining quiet is through genocide is it then permissible to achieve those responsible goals?”

    The call for Palestinian Genocide comes as US Secretary of State John Kerry condemned the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas on Friday for “capturing an Israeli soldier” and urged the group to release him. “Hamas, which has security control over the Gaza Strip, must immediately and unconditionally release the missing Israeli soldier, and I call on those with influence over Hamas to reinforce this message,” Kerry said. This is while Hamas says it has no information regarding the missing Israeli soldier, named as Second Lieutenant Hadar Goldin. Israel has been pounding the Gaza Strip since July 8. The air, sea and land strikes by Israel have so far killed more than 1,600 people and injured nearly 9,000 of others in the coastal sliver. The Ezzedine al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas, has been launching retaliatory attacks against Israel. The Israeli military says it has lost more than 60 of its troops in clashes with Palestinian resistance fighters during the 25 days of fighting, but Hamas puts the number at over 145.

  11. Peaceful Zionist Protestors?

    Attacks on journalists and artists and pro-war rallies in Israel point to growing far-Right extremism fuelled by nation’s politicians as much as conflict with Hamas

    Israelis who speak out against the assault on Gaza or in favour of a ceasefire with Hamas are increasingly facing violence or even death threats as tensions continue to rise in the country.

    Last month, demonstrations in central Jerusalem with cries of ‘Death to Arabs’ brought traffic to a halt. Attending a pro-peace demonstration several days later, witnesses saw a young right-wing participant in a counter demonstration, aged about 10, being apprehended by the police after kicking a female left-wing protester.

    Residents of the more liberal, cosmopolitan Tel Aviv said it couldn’t happen in their city. Several days later, it did.

    A rocket siren interrupted a pro-peace demonstration in Tel Aviv, sending everyone running to the nearby bomb shelters. Suddenly, several dozen right wing thugs clutching baseball bats appeared and started attacking the left-wing protesters. “Death to the Leftists!” “Leftists are traitors!”, they cried.
    Right-wing Israeli rapper Yoav Eliasi known as ‘The Shade’ later thanked his fellow activists for showing up at the demonstration.

    “Together we’re a force against the real enemy among us, the radical left, and thanks to my guys who are apparently called the lions, and thanks to the IDF, all this is for you!”, he wrote on Facebook.

    These incidents, though unsettling, are by no means isolated. As the Gaza conflict continues, there are signs that rabid right-wing extremism may be spreading further across Israeli society.

    Israeli journalist Gideon Levy was very nearly lynched in the rocket-battered southern city of Ashkelon after he published an article levelling criticism at Israeli pilots who, he wrote, “are now perpetrating the worst, the cruelest, the most despicable deeds” in Gaza.

    Since then, the journalist has also been the subject of numerous death threats and was recommended by friends to temporarily leave the country.

    Israeli film director Shira Geffen signed a letter along with others calling for a ceasefire. The move prompted a response from Limor Livnat, the Israeli minister for culture and sports, who called the directors “a disgrace to the State of Israel”.

    Hanin Zoabi, the Israeli-Arab MP, controversially said that those who had murdered the three kidnapped Israeli teenagers were not terrorists but responding to the ongoing Israeli occupation of the West Bank. She now cannot leave the house without security, having been the subject of intense death-threat campaigns.

    One of the greatest Israeli-Arab writers Sayed Kashua simply packed up and left Israel for the United States in protest.

    It is typical for countries at the beginning of the war to experience a rise in nationalism, according to Yaron Ezrahi, Professor Emeritus of Political Science at the Hebrew University told The Telegraph, drawing an analogy to nationalism in the UK during the Falklands War.

    However, the extremism in Israel is further fuelled “by other factors which are much less related to war”, he said.

    “We have in Israel parties and politicians who score political points by inciting hatred against Arabs in general and also Israeli-Arabs”, he said.

    “One is [foreign minister Avigdor] Lieberman who has just called for the excommunication of Arabs. The other is Naftali Bennet, head of Jewish Home, who is also an extremist who politically flourishes with hostility and aggression.”

    “There is tolerance of this extremist rhetoric by the present Israeli government, including by Prime Minister Netanyahu, who recently made a very unacceptable comment that there is a moral gap between Jews and Arabs.”

    Of course, the extremist rhetoric is even stronger in Gaza, where Hamas clearly calls for the destruction of Israel right from its founding charter. But in Israel, a democracy, free speech is dominated more and more by incitements to hate.

    The Israeli prime minister, who is largely derided as a hard-right politician in the UK, is perceived as too dovish by those in his own party.

    For days prior to the start of the Israeli ground offensive and since, Israel’s foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman and others have been pushing for a reoccupation of the Gaza Strip. Mr Netanyahu was mocked and ridiculed in mainstream Israeli media for initiating two ceasefires with Hamas prior to the launch of the ground operation.

    But the nationalist trend is “largely reversible”, says Prof Ezrachi.

    “If Bibi [Netanyahu] and Abu Mazen can come together with the moderate part of Hamas, they could advance the well-being of Arabs and Jews in the region. When the leadership proposes a credible programme for peace, public attitudes conform.”

  12. Protesters around the world denounced Zionist genocidal campaign against the helpless Gazans in Peaceful manner unlike the right wing extremist Zionists:

    Over 85,000 protest against the slaughter of Palestinians in London.
    Thousands gathered in protest outside of the Israeli embassy in London, to protest against the mindless slaughter of thousands of innocent men, women and children in Gaza.

    Speakers called for an end to Britain’s arms trade with Israel. Protests were held across the UK, in cities such as Edinburgh, Manchester, Newcastle, Dublin and Sheffield, to name but a few.

    Thousands protest in Manchester.
    The latest in a series of protests, tens of thousands marched from outside Downing Street to the Israeli embassy.

    Efforts to broker a ceasefire between the two nations have failed, after Israel stepped up their slaughter of the Palestinians.

    The two regions have a long history of conflicts, with Israel having previously used chemical agents such as white phosphorus on the civilian population.

    Protests have also taken place in Canada, San Francisco, Washington and New York, with demonstrators from the Jewish community marching in opposition against Israel.

    Some wore white face masks, most wore black shirts and held signs reading “War Crimes”, “End the Siege on Gaza” and “We Will Not Be Silent” among others.

    The demonstrators wore black and marched in silence to honor all of those in Gaza who have been murdered by Israeli shelling.

    The “march of the dead” ended at the Israeli Consulate.

    Commenting on the protest, Rabbi Dovid Feldman from Neturei Karta International, Jews United Against Zionism, said: “The protest today is a follow up on many demonstrations taking place in the last two or three weeks in regards to what is happening in Gaza. As Jewish people joining these pro-Palestinian demonstrations, we say that all of what’s happening in Palestine – the actions of the state of Israel against the Palestinian people, now or going back decades, this entire occupation and oppression – this is not supported by all Jews and certainty not condoned by Jewish religion.”

    Another protester, Fran Korotzer referring to the US tax dollars spent to support Israel, added: “I’m terribly upset and terribly angry at what Israel is doing. They are murdering people in my name as a Jew and I’m paying for it.”

    Jewish Voice for Peace was a co-sponsor in many of the events across the US, and many Jewish speakers have voiced outrage at Israel’s claim that it represents all Jews, while carrying out such a brutal assault on civilians.

    Further protests have taken place in Bangladesh, France, Italy, Indonesia, South Korea, Bosnia and Oslo and Turkey. Turkey is the only country whose government has withdrawn all diplomatic relations with Israel as a response to their ethnic cleansing campaign.

    Men, women and children from all over the world, all races, religions and backgrounds united against the mindless slaughter of innocent people in Gaza.

    In Israel, Palestinians and Jews protested in Haifa, Tel-Aviv, Yaffa, Tira, Sakhnin on Saturday to protest the attacks on Gaza and call for an end to the violence. Dozens rallied in two protests in Yaffa by Palestinian youth and solidarity activists. In Tel-Aviv, five hundred left activists held a demonstration calling for an end to the violence.

    They were then attacked by right-wing zionist groups in full view of the police. Brave Palestinian protesters have also taken to the streets in Gaza.

  13. Has anybody ever heard of a logical reason why the Palestinian people should be destroyed because of what the Germans did to a bunch of other Europeans

    1. Well in a sick and twisted way you could argue that Israel is actually protecting the Palestinians by not allowing any other arab country or radical islamic group to murder them. Sorry to break it to you but arabs do far more killing for no reason then the israelis do.

      1. yeh very sick and twisted.
        reminder . Lies caused the deaths of millons in Iraq. afghan. also uSA supplied arms to their puppet regimes for use only to protect their thrones.
        ..and the truth us now out about 9-11.

  14. Zionist hoaxes on the rise.
    And we know it is a hoax for this simple reason. It is Israel and her supporters that try to blur the line between Israel’s crimes and all of the world’s Jewish people. It is Israel and her supporters that try to defect just criticism of Israel by creating an illusion of victimhood against all Jews everywhere.

    In the vast majority of cases where the actual perpetrators have been caught for these so-called anti-Semitic attacks, the perpetrators turn out to be pro-Israel Jews. There is no reason to assume that the proportions are not the same for the cases where the perpetrators are never identified.

    Some examples include the “anti-Semitic” attack on the synagogue in Venezuela during Operation Cast Lead that resulted in the arrest of security people who worked for the synagogue.

    Then there was the professor at Claremont College who painted her own care with anti-Semitic graffiti.

    Passau police chief Alois Mannichl’s claim that he was stabbed by a neo-Nazi turned out to be a hoax; the wound the result of a domestic dispute.

    Reform Rabbi Gabriel Farhi faked a stabbing attack on himself.

    Olga Abramovich, 49, sprayed anti-Semitic grafitti on 20 different sites in Brooklyn. Olga is Jewish.

    Morton Downey Jr. claimed to have been attacked in a San Francisco airport restroom by “Skinheads”. Police dismissed the report as a cheap publicity stunt.

    A 23 year old woman in France who claimed thugs ripped her clothing and painted swastikas on her belly later admitted she made the whole thing up.

    A Jewish student at George Washington University complained that “someone” was painting swastikas on her door. A police surveillance camera caught the girl painting the swastikas herself.

    And so forth.

    Right now Israel is trying to erase the memories of CAST LEAD from the popular consciousness and to recover their former status as the world’s permanent victim to be pitied, supported, and never EVER criticized.

    So, it was predictable that we would see a sudden flurry of these hoaxes appear.

  15. The US corporate media, which doesn’t even want to talk with anyone from Gaza, is giving Netanyahu the star treatment and allowing him to use their networks to repeat the already discredited (in some cases by Israel’s own media) lies about why Israel “had to” murder a thousand Gazans. Netanyahu is pushing “terror tunnels” and seems to forget that when the Nazis has the Warsaw ghetto surrounded, the way Israel surrounds Gaza, tunnels were dug to bring in needed supplies and were destroyed by the Nazis BUT WITHOUT BOMBING THE GHETTO ITSELF. Netanyahu is also claiming that mortars were being fired from within the UN schools, which the UN flatly denies and for which there is absolutely no evidence.

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