UN says ‘enough is enough’ after another Gaza school attack by Israel


Palestinians walk past the collapsed minaret of a destroyed mosque in Gaza City on July 30 after it was hit in an overnight Israeli strike. AFP Photo
Palestinians walk past the collapsed minaret of a destroyed mosque in Gaza City on July 30 after it was hit in an overnight Israeli strike. AFP Photo
After another deadly attack on a UN school in Gaza sheltering Palestinians from fighting between Israel and Hamas militants, the United Nations declared “enough is enough” on Wednesday and asked – when civilians are warned to leave, where do they go?

With 1.8 million people living in a Mediterranean enclave he described as the size of Detroit and Philadelphia, a disheartened UN Deputy Secretary-General Jan Eliasson said there was nowhere for people to flee the conflict that has killed some 1,300 Palestinians.

“This is a moment where you really have to say ‘enough is enough’ and you have to search for the right words to convince those who have the power to stop this,” Eliasson told reporters at the United Nations.

Israel says it regularly warns residents by phone calls, text messages, leaflets and dud missiles launched on their roofs to warn them in advance of attacks. But Eliasson asked: “Where do they go? There’s very few places to go in Gaza.”

At least 16 people were killed and some 100 wounded when an Israeli artillery struck a UN school at dawn on Wednesday in Gaza’s biggest refugee camp, Eliasson said. The United Nations is protecting more than 200,000 people at its facilities.

Speaking in Costa Rica earlier on Wednesday, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon condemned the attack as outrageous and unjustifiable. “It demands accountability and justice,” he said. “Nothing is more hameful than attacking sleeping children.”

He said the precise location of the school had been communicated to Israeli military authorities 17 times, most recently on Tuesday night just hours before the attack.

Senior UN aid official John Ging told reporters in New York this was the fifth UN school sheltering civilians that had been struck during the 23-day conflict. At least 15 people were killed on Thursday when another UN school was struck.

“These locations are not safe. Nowhere is safe,” Ging said. “They are being told flee areas, get out of areas, but to where? Where should they go?

“If this were a conflict elsewhere in the world they would at least have the option of crossing borders and seeking sanctuary in neighboring countries. They don’t have that option,” Ging said. The Gaza Strip borders Israel and Egypt.

Three caches of rockets have also been found in vacant UN Relief and Works Agency schools during the conflict, prompting Ban to warn last week that those responsible were “turning schools into potential military targets.”

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  1. Recall that on the night of July 30 UNRWA reported the discovery of warehouse of missiles on the territory of one of its schools in the Gaza Strip

    1. 5thDrawer Avatar

      AND recall that they reported it. And then, didn’t just blow it up to remove the stuff.
      You love to collect the numbers and little incidental things … make a full statement.

      1. i’m zero opinion (who need it?) with posibily fool statement

        1. 5thDrawer Avatar

          Well that wouldn’t be an ‘opinion’. Just full facts.

          1. i’m selective in relation to the facts

          2. 5thDrawer Avatar

            … like too many of the religionists, I’d say.

          3. i guess religious or most of the people are selective in relation to the facts is better saying than “religioniststs”

          4. 5thDrawer Avatar

            ‘They’ hate me for using the word. 😉
            The best of brainwashing techniques is found in being as accurate as possible with selective facts missing. Opinions are based on this sort of thing.
            One may have an opinion based only on simple observation, yet not knowingly realize some facts are missing from the view. To understand more, with accuracy, means questioning oneself most of the time. Opinion can change over time with more questions. Find yourself over and over through life with all it’s questions. That sort of thing is what made a human mind different.
            BE simple. Always question.

    2. attycats Avatar

      And immediately handed them back to Hamas.

  2. Dog Training Special Forces “Otsek” take an active part in the hostilities, looking for the entrances to the tunnels and booby traps.
    Within two weeks of ground operation in the Gaza Strip on duty killed “Otsek” five dogs. A few dogs were injured.
    One of the victims, Belgian Shepherd Tamara, a few days ago took over the explosion in a mined house, covering his partner got in the end only light shrapnel wounds to the legs. Another four-legged soldier was killed in a booby-trapped tunnel detection during the “ceasefire” on July 17

    1. 5thDrawer Avatar

      ‘Man’s Best Friend’ … trained and bred as such over many millennia.
      The concept is now in their genes.
      (although breeders sometimes have to put down one with that gene missing 😉

  3. goth123 Avatar

    Shame on the world allowing this.

    1. nagy_michael2 Avatar

      Yes I agree.. the world should bring these dogs from the Israelis and palestinians side together and tell them either you get along and we are going to arm both of you and you can fight on your own til kingdom come.. Both of them are unreasonable.. they both cling on finishing each other and I am sure Hamas has duped IDF with hiding behind civilians in order to get them killed and get world sympathy. Natenyahoo is idiot as his predecessor..
      But what about the Cries of Lebanon also for 30 years the Syrian dogs kept pounding lebanon and yet nobody ever raised a word.. for 30 years the criminal syrian regime and even their lebanese dogs who helped them kill lebanese assisted in the crimes. yet they want to go after lebanese who helped israel. In all fair and play then those who assisted the syrians should be treated as traitors as those who helped israel. to me israel and syria are enemies of Lebanon. Yes to many lebanese traitors syrian regime is the past. but it still existing in the present. and now because of Syrian regime, Iran and gulf countries they created the monster of Isis. and they still do.. these S.O.B’s don’t know how to stop.. Fuck them all.

      1. goth123 Avatar

        I can understand your anger.

  4. كتائب القسام تنشر فيديو تحذر فيه طيران الاحتلال من التحليق في سماء قطاع غزة https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VdmkPJL5cxQ

    1. 5thDrawer Avatar

      The depersonalized cartoon version of the ‘Hannibal Principle’? Big boom at the end. 🙂

  5. Btru2u Avatar

    All Muslim leaders must move their armies against Israel or step aside. All trained Muslim soldiers must make an effort to challenge the status quo.Our dua and prayers will not be answered without practical action .
    Relying on the UN or UK is like relying on the man who scammed you to give you back your money. (It’s not going o happen).

    1. nagy_michael2 Avatar

      And all these Muslim Leaders need to stop iSIS because the later do not care about anyone.. enough support for these groups and anyone supporting is animal like them..

    2. 5thDrawer Avatar

      Sure Btru2u … Muslims should Dua it to death.
      The ‘step aside’ is the best idea. It results in Peace. Although, as ISIS shows in the very short term, having simple ‘peace’ with bastards can be a long hard road to follow until enough time passes to change their megalomaniac attitudes. Pay the buck or leave.
      But what’s a hundred or so years in the godly scheme of things?? Pay the buck, Dua at the UN … Speak up against ALL of the idiots. There’s a lot of them even pretending to pray.

  6. stop sheltering terrorists in Inra ambulances
    stop stashing rockets in Unra Buildings
    Stop firing rockets from Unra schools
    stop digging tunnels from Unra Buildings
    stop booby trap Unra Buildings
    …and then we’ll stop

  7. 5thDrawer Avatar

    I contemplated that huge minaret when I saw it on TV too …. It seems the it’s the ONLY thing constructed properly, with proper reinforcement and good quality cement. Unfortunate that it wasn’t set on a solid base as well. (yes … a hidden thought there …)

  8. Hamas and “Islamic Jihad” delegation arrived in Cairo for talks on a ceasefire in Gaza

    1. 5thDrawer Avatar

      Pro-Israel or Pro-Human? Having been raised in a Ghetto and having to ‘look out’ through the bars via TV and internet all the time, he sees … perhaps.

      1. Are Israelis not Humans?

        1. 5thDrawer Avatar

          I’m sure that’s his point. It IS a ‘modern’ concept … we all are. 🙂

      2. Thank you 5th, it is a 100% a human issue!! more people need to subscribe to the concept so we dont feel a need or obligation to take a side other than the human side.

  9. Netanyahu: “The destruction of the tunnels will be completed”

    1. 5thDrawer Avatar

      Hind had noted this on occasion … much earlier … but repeats are allowed. 😉

  10. Abumazen no claims to Israel over borders with Gaza.

  11. IDF Soldiers Find Mosque with Weapons and Tunnel Openings https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aWkjwfkh-qM

  12. 12 Examples of Hamas Firing Rockets from Civilian Areas https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IUrDAEgisXM

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