Fugitive behind Lebanon hotel bombing killed by ISF- update

A photo released by Lebanon's General Security shows Al-Monzer Khaldoun al-Hassan, wanted over involvement in Wednesday's suicide attack.
A photo released by Lebanon’s General Security shows Al-Monzer Khaldoun al-Hassan, wanted over involvement in Wednesday’s suicide attack.

The Lebanese Internal Security Forces (ISF) , Intelligence branch was able to kill Monzer Khaldoun al-Hassan who was accused last month of providing the Duroy Hotel bombers with explosives, LBC reported on Sunday

The Lebanese authorities circulated last month Al-Hassan’s picture .

Al-Hassan, was born in 1990 in Akkar’s Bizbina to a mother who hails from (Syria’s) Aleppo,” National News Agency ( NNA) reported last June.

Al-Hassan is a dual citizen .He holds a swedish passport in addition to his Lebanese , NNA added

According to LBC ISF raided al Hassan’s residence in Tripoli after he threatened to commit a suicide bombing and blow himself up . According to LBC Al Hassan fought back ISF during the raid but was eventually killed around 1:00 am Sunday.

Media reports indicated that the two attackers behind the Duroy Hotel bombing wanted to target Asaha Restaurant which is located on Imam Khomaini road in Dahieh near the Rasoul Azam Mosque.

Al-Hassan “is suspected of having provided the terror cell that was raided at the Duroy Hotel (in Raouche) with suicide vests and explosives,” NNA quoted the General Security agency as saying last June .

The report added that he drives two cars: An old beige Nissan, and a 2005 silver Mercedes and “both cars may be booby-trapped.”


Update :


Here is a picture of Monzer Khaldoun al-Hassan after he was killed today by ISF

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