Hezbollah trading with Syrian refugee organs to finance its war effort, SNC

hezbollah funerals
File photo of a Hezbollah funeral . Many Hezbollah fighters have reportedly been killed in Syria in defense of Syrian dictator Bashar al Assad , but the party has not revealed any official figures
Funeral of Hezbollah fighters killed in Syria. Iran is now recruiting  Shitte refugees from Afghanistan  to fight the Sunni rebels  in Syria and reduce the  mounting casualties  f Hezbollah fighters
Funeral of Hezbollah fighters killed in Syria. Thousands of Hezbollah fighters are helping the Syrian regime against the Syrian rebels . The Syrian opposition is accusing Hezbollah of trading with human organs to finance its Syria war effort

funeralThe Iranian backed Hezbollah militant group was accused by the Syrian National Council ( SNC) in a security report published by CNN Arabic of “trading with human organs” of Syrian refugees to finance its war effort in Syria due to the “financial hardship” the party has incurred during its defense of the Syrian regime.

According to the report Hezbollah’s financial deficit is growing day after day,”

“The main reason (of the deficit) is the financing of the militias that are aiding the regime in Syria,” the SNC security report added.

SNC is the biggest bloc in Syrian National Coalition the umbrella organization of Syrian opposition in exile.

According to the report, which the SNC said was prepared in collaboration with friendly security sources inside Syria, the cost of Hezbollah’s operations “is consuming 35% to 40% of the party’s total budget, which has put it under an enormous financial pressure, not to mention the difficult Iranian economic situation that has reflected negatively on Tehran’s financial aid to the party.”

Hezbollah’s alleged “emergency plan” involves collecting taxes under the banner of “defending the sect,” the SNC report added

According to the report which CNN could not independently verify Hezbollah has been sending envoys to “Shiite expats in West Africa and South America and Iran for the purpose of raising funds .

Shocking and disturbing:
The report added: “Hezbollah’s acute financial deficit has even prompted it to engage in a very covert manner in human organ trade, especially livers and kidneys.”

“Hezbollah is exploiting the destitution of Syrian refugees in Lebanon and deceiving them into selling their organs for $5,000 per organ, after which each would be sold for $90,000 in the global market.” The report added

There is a worldwide shortage of human organs available for transplants, yet commercial trade in human organs is illegal in all countries except Iran.

Hezbollah refuses to comment

Contacted by CNN Arabic, Hezbollah public relations officer Ibrahim Al Moussawi declined to comment on the SNC’s allegations, saying the party “has no interest in giving comments to foreign media outlets that would eventually write whatever they see appropriate.”

“Should there be anything official, the party will issue a statement,” Moussawi pointed out.