Hezbollah linked militia attacked Syrian refugees in Sidon, Lebanon


hezbollah-in-black-paradeMembers of Hezbollah’s Resistance Brigades in Sidon , south Lebanon attacked a group of Syrian refugees who are residing in the city’s Al-Ghofran compound, injuring at least five people, according to a report by Lebanese News website NOW.

The Hezbollah-affiliated aggressors, who were led by a man identified as Mohammad Dib al-Zaino, nicknamed “Ringo,” cursed and beat the Syrian dissidents with batons and individual weapons, the report stated

The Hezbollah militia members had on several occasions warned the Syrians they were “unwelcome in the area,” Ahmad Kamal, one of the Syrians who were assaulted, told NOW.

“I think the reason for the attack is because we did not go the Syrian embassy to vote for the butcher Bashar al-Assad. We all support the Free Syrian Army at this compound,” Kamal added.

Hezbollah provided financial and security cover for the hundreds of thousands of Syrians in Lebanon wishing to vote in their country’s elections at the Syrian embassy in the Beirut suburb of Yarzeh in late May according to local reports

In addition to the financial and security cover, voters residing in South Lebanon and the central and eastern Beqaa Valley were provided with transport to Yarzeh in order to give the impression of a high turnout, a security source told NOW.

Tens of thousands of Hezbollah fighters openly entered the fight in Syria in May 2013 and were instrumental in helping Assad’s troops push back rebels and re-capture strategic towns and rebel strongholds along the border with Lebanon and near Syria’s capital, Damascus.

This turned the tide in the conflict, giving Assad’s forces the upper hand against the rebels seeking to overthrow the Syrian leader, who last week won a third seven-year term in a presidential election derided as a farce by the opposition.