Hezbollah clashes with Patriarch Rai over repatriation of Lebanese exiles


hezbollah paradeHezbollah MP Ali al-Moqdad rejected Patriarch Bechara Boutros al-Rai’s call for reconciliation with Lebanese who fled to Israel

“Some people went to occupied Palestine to convince some agents who withdrew with the enemy’s army in May 2000 to return to Lebanon,” Moqdad said Saturday in criticizing Rai’s meeting with the Lebanese exiled to Israel.

The Hezbollah lawmaker also said that those exiled people “do not take pride in their Lebanese identity, and we do not take pride in them being called Lebanese either.”

On Friay, the patriarch highlighted the plight of exiled Lebanese living in Israel, called for a reconciliation process, and said that “treating Lebanese in Israel as enemy agents is unacceptable.”

In an interview with LBCI TV, the patriarch said that it is time for “reconciliation” with this part of the population, since they are neither “criminals” nor “traitors”. ” Had they fought against Lebanon? Had they fought against the Lebanese state? Had they fought against Lebanese institutions?” Rai asked rhetorically ” They – he added – are Lebanese like others, in fact maybe more so” because they are not the ones who have “impeded the presidential election”, have not created refugees and poverty, nor have they “created an economic and social crisis in Lebanon”. A possible reference to Hezbollah which has impeded the presidential election and created an economic crisis by driving away the tourists and replacing them with refugees from neighboring Syria



10 responses to “Hezbollah clashes with Patriarch Rai over repatriation of Lebanese exiles”

  1. Hannibal Avatar

    Bring ALL Lebanese back… and ship all those with Iranian and Syrian and Palestinian passports back to their corresponding countries… Everyone has the right to go back home.

    1. master09 Avatar

      Only than will Lebanon live in peace and prosperity and keep that rich history that Iran and S. Arabia is taking away from us.
      The beach girls are dwindling the freedom to walk in any part of Lebanon without being told this is Iraian or Suadi land.

    2. Leborigine Avatar

      Amen to that Hannibal.
      Lol, look at who’s talking about Lebanese pride – Ali Moqdad!! What a Cock!

    3. sweetvirgo Avatar


    4. Andre Avatar

      Well said. The irony with this idiot’s statement is that he said it. The truth is, everyone else is welcomed in Lebanon except the Lebanese. I grew up in Kuwait and always felt like a 2nd class citizen, then when I lived/visited Lebanon, I also felt like a 2nd class citizen too, go figure.

  2. Adam Yonatan Ben Yoel Avatar
    Adam Yonatan Ben Yoel

    You all know where my particular bias is and you know where I come from. Please forgo for a moment the ‘obviously he would say that’ and just consider, right or wrong, for good or for bad, that everyone has been given amnesty for what they did during the civil war EXCEPT for those in Israel. Consider that all political figures were pardoned APART from Etienne Sakr. Now you might be against Israel or whatever but does it not show that Lebanon is still not neutral and that other powers have control over the country, that it isn’t free? Do you think that anyone could write an opinion page in a paper in favor of a Lebanese-Israeli peace deal??? PS. I and everyone I’ve spoken with here on the subject, is happy for them to stay should they so desire.

    1. master09 Avatar

      I for one would love a peace deal as long as Lebanon rids the gangs that have the boots on the Lebanese, new polies and the chance to live without another country wanting to use our land as a battle field, that’s all Lebanon is and will always be. People follow gangs because they are brainwashed and some support a gang over the Lebanese Army. Funny shit.

    2. Andre Avatar

      You’re giving him more credit then he deserves. His statement is nothing more that hot air like all the crap that comes out of all the Civil War Mafia 7ameer that ruined Lebanon during the 70’s and are doing the same now, under the false pretense they are government Officials. I wish they would stop talking and just take it outside and settle this once an for all.

  3. Who is hizbullah to decide on the ex-patriots to return back to Lebanon? The party is not even a lebanese party. why they don’t go back to iran ?

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