2 more Hezbollah commanders killed in Syria


Hezbollah funerals AyoubThe Syrian rebel Bosra el Sham Brigade claimed responsibility for Killing on Tuesday Hezbollah commander Mohammad Khair al Azbeh in Daraa area near Bosra , Damascus.

Another Hezbollah commander who was identified as Ali Ayoub was killed in the town of Meliha .

This is the fourth Hezbollah commander to be killed in Syria in less than 2 days

Yesterday Future TV reported that Mahmoud Hayek, a key member of Hezbollah’s security apparatus who was charged last year with attempting to assassinate Minister Butros Harb, was also killed in Syria .

Yesterday also Hezbollah military commander Fawzi Ayoub was killed in Syria in an ambush set up by the Free Syrian Army ( FSA) in Aleppo.

Ayoub who also holds a Canadian citizenship lived in the United States in Dearborn MI after he was released from Israeli jail under the assumed name of ‘Frank Mariano Boschi .

Funerals were held on Tuesday for both and Hayek Ayoub in south Lebanon



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  1. Patience2 Avatar

    Just goes to show … good things DO happen.

    1. AkhouManUki Avatar

      Come on now, where is your brotherly love for the brave boys who are fighting for a regime that murders and rapes innocent people?

    2. 5thDrawer Avatar

      At some point, eventually, it will get to the ‘tops’. 😉

      1. Patience2 Avatar

        What with everything else, you must have Patience2.

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