ministry confirms Hasbaya drinking water is 'polluted'


wael abou faourLebanon’s Health Ministry confirmed on Saturday that pollution in the drinking water network of Hasbaya’s al-Kfayr was the cause of a Viral Hepatitis outbreak last month.

The cause of the outbreak was confirmed after the ministry ran tests on drinking water in the town, according to an official report.

Representatives of the ministry will discuss mechanized water treatment techniques with local municipalities and the South Lebanon Water Department, in order to bring a swift end to the contamination.

The report added that the current number of infections stands at 17, with the patients’ ages varying between 7 and 45 years old. So far, all of the cases have been Lebanese citizens.

This comes after the ministry asked the residents of Hasbaya’s Al-Kfayr on February 21 not to use the town’s water, after discovering cases of Hepatitis in the village.

The ministry sent a medical team to the area, who took samples of the town’s water and sent them to the Tal Amara Central Laboratory and the Sidon Central Laboratory to determine the causes of contamination and take the necessary measures.

Health Minister Wael Abou Faour who hails from Hasbaya also asked the hospitals of the area to treat Hepatitis A patients at the expense of the ministry.