Hezbollah built an airport, secret tunnels near Baalbeck


lebanon map - bekaa area

Hezbollah built an airport between the areas of Iaat and Wardin outside Lebanon’s Baalbek in addition to warehouses and secret tunnels, a report in Al-Mustaqbal newspaper said Monday.

“Hezbollah has built what looks like an airport in an area between Iaat and Wardin in the Beqaa after having bought the land from a former municipality chief in the area,” the daily quoted a Western security report as saying.

The report added that Hezbollah began a few weeks ago to use new weapons and rockets in its military operations in Syria, such as “Mersad 1” and “Mersad 2” drones.

The source said that Hezbollah has set up warehouses and built secret tunnels under the supervision of Iranian professionals.

The daily also quoted the Western security source as saying that Hezbollah has recently moved advanced rockets and modern weapons to the Syrian region of Yabrud where it has been battling rebels.

Meanwhile, a security source told Al-Mustaqbal that the results of the investigations into the case of the drones flying over the residence of Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea have revealed that these drones have taken off from Hezbollah’s airport

The Lebanese Forces said last month that Iranian-manufactured drones has been circling over Maarab.