M14 calls for adopting Baabda accord in cabinet statement


cedar revolution 6th ann 15 soueidMarch 14 coordinator Fares Soueid urged the March 14 ministers in the newly formed cabinet of prime Minister Tammam Salam to clearly and without any ambiguity adopt the Baabda Declaration ( accord) in the ministerial statement of the cabinet and to scrap the so called resistance formula Army+ People+ Resistance and should demand the withdrawal of Hezbollah from Syria

He added in an interview with Radio Free Lebanon , that the March 14 team is expected to represent of the aspirations of the Lebanese people.

Soueid stressed the March 14 unity despite the differences in opinion over participation in the cabinet.

The Lebanese Forces , a key member and a pillar of the March 14 alliance refused to participate in a cabinet that includes the Hezbollah militant group because of the latter’s role in the Syrian civil war