The new Lebanese cabinet may be born today


tammam salam def 3An Nahar reported that a new lebanese cabinet may be born on Thursday .

The cabinet will be a national unity government of 24 members . Eight ministers will be allocated to each of the rival groups March 8, March 14 and the centrists bloc .

President Michel Suleiman and PM designate Tammam Salam reportedly finalized the cabinet line up during their meeting on Wednesday.

Since the March 8 alliance will not be happy with the portfolios allocated to it all its 8 ministers are expected to resign according to An Nahar sources.

This means the cabinet may not get the vote of confidence in the parliament but is expected to become the caretaker cabinet that will replace the cabinet of outgoing PM Nagib Mikati .

The resigned ministers will be replaced with individuals of the same sect so that all sects are represented.

PSP leader MP Walid Jumblatt’s ministers in the cabinet will not resign according to March 14 sources neither will the shiite minister in the centrist bloc .

This is a developing story …..more to follow