Attempted assassination of a Shiite cleric in Dhahieh,Update


Sheikh Abbas zoghaibAl Mayadeen TV reported that that Sheikh Abbas Zoghaib of the Higher Shiite Islamic Council was taken to a hospital after he was shot and severely wounded in his chest and neck in the Lailaki district of Hezbollah stronghold of Dhahieh , a southern suburb of the capital Beirut .

Sheikh Zoghaib became famous last year when he was commissioned by the Higher Shiite Islamic Council to follow up on the case of the Shiite pilgrims that were kidnapped in 2012 in Azaz , Syria by the Syrian rebels on their way from Iran.

The news of the attempted assassination shocked the capital specially since the only people who have been assassinated so far have been members of the anti-Hezbollah /Syria March 14 alliance.


MTV reported he was killed but later on LBC reported that Sheikh Zoghaib was shot by mistake as a result of a dispute between two families in the Lailaki district.

Hezbollah’s al Manar reported that Sheikh Zoghaib’s wounds were not serious and will be release within a couple of hours from Hezbollah’s Al-Rasoul al-Azam hospital in Burj al Barajneh

Al-Jadeed ( New) TV reported that while Sheikh Abbas Zoghaib is in a stable condition his companion Ali Hajjoul was severely wounded in the attack. This is the fist time Hajjoul’s name was mentioned .