Mystery surrounds the death of a Lebanese family


Rouhad Ezzeddine with 2 daughtersA Lebanese man and his two daughters were shot to death in mysterious circumstances in Peru in south America, Al Nahar reported on Thursday.

Rouhad Ezzeddine 42, who hails from the southern town of Kafra, was found dead along with his two daughters Zainab ( 5) and Leila ( 9) at their house in Peru, according to the report.

But LBCI reported they were killed in the State of Texas in the United States.

Both reports did not provide any details about the city in which they were found dead

LBC said that Mr. Ezzeddine was married to a Peruvian American lady who is working with the US army in Afghanistan as a nurse.

LBC added that the daughters will be buried in Peru while their father will be buried his Lebanese home town Kafra.

According to the LBC report Mrs. Ezzeddine was the one who discovered that her 2 daughters and her husband were dead upon her return from Afghanistan