Hezbollah accuses Israel, Takfiris of Beqaa explosion


fneishHezbollah officials said on Tuesday that they hold radical Sunni groups and Israel responsible for the car bomb that detonated near a party center in the Beqaa Valley .

“ The Beqaa explosion is part of a scheme carried out by Takfiri groups that aims to vandalize, spread strife and shake stability, and they are providing a free service to the Israeli enemy,” caretaker Minister of State for Administrative Reform Mohammad Fneish told Al-Markazia news agency.

“These groups are tools…whose political project is destruction,” the Hezbollah-affiliated caretaker minister noted Tuesday.

He also accused “regional forces” of attempting to “employ these groups in order to achieve political goals.”

Fneish went on to urge the state to “prosecute armed men, and enable the army and the concerned security forces to control the infiltration of these terrorist groups from Syria into Lebanon.”

Another Hezbollah official, MP Kamel Rifai, echoed the minister’s accusations.

“There is no doubt that an Israeli intelligence apparatus was behind these operations in cooperation with sleeper cells in Lebanon, and that it benefitted from the presence of Takfiris on Lebanese territory in carrying out these criminal acts,” Rifai said.

He also warned that there is “a scheme for mobile explosions to target the supporters of the Resistance,” which aims to “sow strife and target Resistance forces.”

A car bomb detonated near a Hezbollah center outside the town of Labwe in the Beqaa Valley in the early hours of Tuesday morning, causing several casualties.

A bomb-laden car exploded at around 4 am on the road linking Sbouba to Wadi Abu Moussa, the Lebanese army said.

The bomb detonated after a checkpoint manned by Hezbollah members intercepted the car, before opening fire on it, Lebanon’s state National News Agency reported.

Hezbollah brought the takfiris to Lebanon
Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea launched a vehement attack against the Shiite group Hezbollah and its March 8 allies accusing them of promoting terrorism in Lebanon as a result of their Syrian role.

“By going to Syria to fight the Takfiris, as it says, Hezbollah brought them closer to home,” Geagea said in a speech on Tuesday during a commemoration ceremony held in honor of the late Nasir al-Assaad, a journalist, and Pierre Sadeq, a cartoonist.

“It has therefore destroyed another foundation of the Lebanese state, as if it was entrusted with the mission of destroying Lebanon to bring comfort to [Syrian President Bashar] al-Assad.” He said

“Hezbollah’s participation in the Syrian fighting is under the orders of Iran and not those of the Lebanese people.” Geagea stressed

“Those who should be held responsible for the emergence of Takfiris in Lebanon are Hezbollah and the March 8 axis in particular.”
He added: March 8’s attitude and its decisions of war and peace, use of a weapons domestically and fighting in Syria is what fueled the wave of Takfirism.”