Syrian Refugees forced to leave after raping a Lebanese boy


syrian refugee camp, lebanonSyrian refugees were pressured into removing their tents on Sunday from Zahle’s neighborhood of Temnin in the Beqaa region after a group of Syrians raped a sixteen-year-old Lebanese boy from the town who suffers from a mental disability.

Earlier in the day, Temnin residents blocked the town’s main road to protest the rape of the local boy.

The residents also threatened to set the Syrian refugees’ tents on fire if they did not leave the town.

LBC television reported that almost 300 refugees removed 50 tents from the town.

On Saturday, the Lebanese Armed Forces arrested several Syrians for having raped the Lebanese boy .

The number of registered Syrian refugees in Lebanon is over 825,000 according to UN agency report, but the actual number of Syrians in Lebanon is over 1.5 million according to local reports.