Hezbollah: Whoever will rule Syria will rule Lebanon too


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Kuwaiti newspaper al Rai quoted Hezbollah sources who were defending Hezbollah’s role in Syria’s civil war as saying “Whoever will rule Syria will rule Lebanon”.

The sources added: “Right from the beginning Hezbollah has tied its fate to the fate of Syrian president Bashar Al Assad. We will either fall together or we will be victorious together because whoever will rule Syria will rule Lebanon”.

The sources stressed ” the battle in Syria will not only identity of the next Lebanese government but also the identity of the Lebanese president who will undoubtedly be from March 8 if the developments in Syria continue the same way .

The sources accused March 14 alliance of ” trying to force Hezbollah to withdraw from Syria to allow the rebels to win the Syrian civil war and not to form the Lebanese cabinet as they claim. ”

The sources were responding to the criticism by March 14 alliance of Hezbollah chief’s recent speech.

Former Lebanese Prime Minister and leader of the largest parliamentary group MP Saad Hariri blasted Thursday Hassan Nasrallah, accusing the Hezbollah chief of sacrificing Lebanon for the sake of Syrian President Bashar Assad and Iran.

Hariri’s comments came shortly after Nasrallah delivered a speech in which he vowed to keep his fighters in Syria as long as needed to defend the Syrian regime.

“Hezbollah chose to sacrifice Lebanon’s sovereignty and its national unity for the sake of Bashar Assad’s regime and to appease the Iranian leadership’s decision to protect this regime,” Hariri said in a statement from his office.

Hariri stood firm on his party’s condition not to participate in any future government until Hezbollah ended completely its military involvement Syria.

On Friday MP Butros Harb, an independent also slammed Nasrallah’s recent speech, describing it as provocative and undermining the state.

“It seems the true face of Hezbollah has finally been uncovered along with the role it plays in the region which transcended the limits of Lebanese discussion to threatening, provoking and undermining the components of our nation and society,” the Harb said.

Harb added “we cannot stand idle while Hezbollah makes decisions for all the state institutions and the Lebanese people, involves them in regional wars and violates national pacts ( declarations) ”.

Lebanon adopted last year the Baabda declaration as its official policy to dissociate it from the conflict next door . But the war in Syria and Hezbollah’s direct involvement are threatening Lebanon’s polity, economy and society, and “obstructing” the work of Lebanon’s Parliament and the formation of the new cabinet.