Hezbollah MP blames Israeli spying on weak state


Fadlallah hassan MPHezbollah MP Hassan Fadlallah who chairs the parliamentary telecommunications committee denounced on Monday the Israeli espionage posts along the border as violation of Lebanon’s sovereignty, pointing out that if Lebanon was a capable state with less political disputes, Israel would not have dared to carry out such a violation.

“If we had a capable state and less political disputes, Israel wouldn’t have dared to carry out any violation.” Fadlallah said on Monday following a meeting of the the parliamentary telecommunications committee.

He added that Israeli spying is taking place despite the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1701 and the presence of the UNIFIL.

“The ongoing Israeli aggression took a new direction in terms of the used techniques,” Fadlallah told reporters

He slammed the Israeli violation, calling on all the Lebanese to “confront it with all the possible means.”

Lebanon is expected to file a complaint to the United Nations Security Council over the issue in light of the report issued by the parliamentary telecommunications committee.

Fadlallah’s statement is ironic since Hezbollah has been blamed for weakening the Republic of Lebanon as a result of its intervention in the Syrian civil war despite the Baabda declaration

Lebanon adopted last year the Baabda declaration as its official policy to dissociate it from the conflict next door . But the war in Syria and the direct involvement of Hezbollah and its allies are threatening Lebanon’s polity, economy and society, and “obstructing” the work of Lebanon’s Parliament and the formation of the new cabinet.