Saudi Spy Chief Blasts U.S. Regional Policies


bandar bin sultan 2

Saudi Arabia’s top intelligence officer says the kingdom is planning to reduce cooperation with the U.S. in the arming and training of Syrian rebels because it is unhappy with Washington’s Middle Eastern policies.

According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, Prince Bandar Bin Sultan al-Saud criticized American policy while hosting a group of European diplomats on the weekend, railing against Washington’s decision not to bomb Syria last month, expressing concern over the thawing of relations with old foe Iran and voicing displeasure at Washington’s wavering support for Sunni insurgents fighting against Syrian President Bashar Assad.

Al-Saud’s airing of grievances follows Saudi Arabia’s decision on Friday to forgo serving on the U.N. Security Council due to the body’s inability to solve ongoing conflicts in the region.

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