Farsi language is now taught in Dhahieh


iran hezbollah flags 2-1Private schools in Hezbollah stronghold of Dhahieh, a southern Beirut suburb added to their curricula the Farsi ( Persian) language and decided to make it the mandatory foreign language , NOW reported on Thursday.

Of course Arabic language is still being taught as the local language.

NOW source also said that among the aforementioned schools is the Al-Bayan school, which is affiliated with Hezbollah.

While Farsi is the mandatory foreign language, students will be given the right to choose between French or English as the second foreign language.

A source at the Lebanese Education Ministry told NOW that any private school has the right to teach any language it wants.

“However, the public schools’ curriculum has not changed,” the source added where English and French are the main two foreign languages being taught.

The Shiite Hezbollah militant group receives its financial and military backing from its ally Iran.

Modern Iranian Persian and Afghan Persian are written using a modified variant of the Arabic alphabet , which uses different pronunciation and additional letters not found in Arabic.

There are approximately 110 million Persian speakers worldwide, with the language holding official status in Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikistan.