Syrian coast guard detains 5 Lebanese fishermen


arida border crossingSyrian coastguards opened fire at a Lebanese fishing boat off the coast of the northern Lebanese town of al-Arida early Saturday, seized the boat and detained five Lebanese fishermen , National News Agency reported.

The detained fishermen was identified as Ali Hussein Merhi, Mohammad Hazem Shtaywi and his two brothers Bilal and Talal, as well as Ghazi Ali Mrashi.

Residents protested against the detention of the Lebanese fishermen by blocking the international highway linking Lebanon and Syria through the Arida border crossing.

This is not the first time this type of incident takes place near Arida. Earlier this year, the Syrian coast guard killed a Lebanese fisherman after opening fire on a fishing trawler carrying a crew of three and in August 2012 Syrian forces opened fire on two Lebanese fishing boats, but no casualties were reported .