Turkey getting ready for possible Syria military action


turkey missilesTurkey has rotated its ground-to- ground missiles toward Syria in the southern province of Hatay as it is ready for a possible military operation against the war-torn neighbor.

The Turkish army has deployed a number of missiles in Hatay’s Kirikhan district and pointed Stinger and I-Hawk missiles toward Syria, according to English daily Today’s Zaman.

Meanwhile, Mustafa Aydogdu, spokesman for the Disaster and Emergency Management Directorate, said at a meeting in Istanbul that Turkey has sent some professional workers, who were trained to identify and decontaminate chemical weapons, to its border with Syria.

“We have increased our measures significantly since last week to prepare particularly in case of a chemical attack. We have experts who could deal with chemical attacks, and we have deployed almost all of them in Kilis, Hatay and Sanliurfa,” he added.

Sharing 900 km border with Syria, Turkey hosts about 200,000 refugees from the neighbor and has been a staunch supporter of the opposition fighters against the Syrian government.

Western powers are preparing for an option of possible military strike against Syria following a suspected chemical weapons attack on some Damascus suburbs that killed hundreds of people.