Israel bombed Lebanon in retaliation for rocket attack


pflp tunnel naamehIsrael’s air force bombed a militant target in Lebanon on Friday in retaliation for a cross-border rocket salvo on Thursday, a spokesman said.

An Israeli military source said the “terror site” bombed was near Na’ameh, between Beirut and Sidon, but did not immediately provide further details. Israel said Thursday’s rockets, which caused damage but no casualties, were fired by Islamic radicals.

Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine- General Command ( PFLP-GC) has a base with tunnels in Naa’meh .
On August 7 a large explosion ripped through the tunnels.

PFLP-GC , designated terrorists by the United States and others in the West, is an extremist Palestinian militant organization that is based in Syria and closely associated with the Syrian regime.

Photo: One of the PFLP-GC tunnels in Na’ameh

Reuters/ Ya Libnan