Gunmen abduct a wounded Syrian in Eastern Lebanon


Gunmen abducted a wounded Syrian man who was being transported by the Red Cross in the Bekaa area of Rasm al-Hadath in Eastern Lebanon, New TV reported on Wednesday.

This development comes after a report last week claiming that Hezbollah and the Syria forces loyal to president Bashar al Assad have been chasing the wounded Syrian rebels in Lebanon.

Most Sunni Muslims in Lebanon support the rebels trying to topple Assad – who is part of Syria’s Alawite minority, an offshoot of Shiite Islam. But Shiite Hezbollah fighters based in Lebanon have fought inside Syria in support of Assad’s government forces.

Lebanese Red Cross has refused on several occasion to transport the wounded rebels in ambulances through certain Hezbollah-dominated areas without an army escort. And private cars carrying patients through those areas have been shot at, according to reports