Bomb blast at Pakistan soccer field kills 7, wounds over 20


soccer field blast pakistanPolice say a bomb blast at a soccer field in southern Pakistan has killed seven people and wounded more than 20.

Senior police official Razaq Dharejo says the bomb that exploded before dawn Wednesday in the southern city of Karachi was attached to a motorcycle.

Dharejo says the bomb went off near the vehicle of a provincial minister, Javed Naghori, who was leaving after witnessing a late night match between two local teams in the Lyari neighborhood. Naghori escaped unharmed, and the dead included spectators and local residents.

Police official Mohammed Javed says over 20 people were wounded. Many of the dead and wounded were young boys standing near the soccer field.


Photo: People look at the lifeless bodies of victims shot by gunmen at a local hospital in Quetta, Pakistan, Tuesday, Aug. 6, 2013. Dozens of gunmen disguised in police uniforms shot to death more than a dozen they pulled off of a convoy of buses in southwest Pakistan and dumped their bodies in a nearby ravine, officials said Tuesday- Arshad Butt/Associated Press