Charbel: Terrorist cell busted in Daraya


marwan charbel interior minister defCaretaker Interior Minister Marwan Charbel has revealed that a stroke of luck has saved Lebanon from a possible terrorist attack, since the investigations into the accidental explosion of a home-made bomb in Iqlim al-Kharroub led to the busting of a terrorist cell that was plotting attacks in more than one area.”

“Coincidence is protecting Lebanon these days,” Charbel told As Safir newspaper published on Monday.

“Hadn’t the bomb went off by mistake the worse could have happened,” Charbel added

“What happened in Daraya allowed the arrest of a terrorist cell that was plotting attacks in more than one area,” Charbel added.

Charbel was referring to the accidental explosion of a home made bomb in Daraya , Iqlim al Kharroub the mostly Sunni part of the Shouf region of Mt. Lebanon that resulted in the killing of an Egyptian national who was identified as Mohammad Ahmad Abdel-Latif Dakhakhni. Dakhakhni’s brother and Syrian national Mohammad Hasan Massoud were seriously injured in the explosion.

Internal Security Forces personnel and Army Intelligence arrived at the scene of the explosion and discovered that the basement of the house where the bomb was being prepared was full of improvised explosive devices. Charbel said that maps of three targets were found in the suspects’ house and al-Nusra Front flags

New TV said Sunday that target areas in the maps were of Jadra Wadi Zeina, Hadath and Saadiyat.

The second Egyptian died on Monday in hospital while Masaoud remains in critical condition after suffering burns all over his body.

The dead Egyptians are the sons of Daraya mosque Imam Sheikh Ahmed al-Dakhakhni who is married to a Lebanese and has been living in the village for a long time.

As Safir newspaper reported that the Imam is a follower of Salafist cleric Sheikh Ahmed al-Assir who has disappeared following the deadly clashes between his supporters and the Lebanese army in the southern city of Sidon.

As Safir also reported the Imam is in custody and investigators are questioning him over maps locating the targets of the bomb attacks .

The Imam, who had allegedly recruited fighters to go to Iraq, has denied any connection to Sunday’s incident,accoding to Safir sources