The real martyr is only the one who dies for his country


suleiman on army day 2013

” The real martyr is only the one who dies for his country to defend its land and unity. The Lebanese people want sacrifices for Lebanon and not for another country,”Lebanese president Michel Suleiman told the nation Thursday
on the 68th anniversary of the founding of the army.

Suleiman, who has been calling for dialogue to discuss Lebanon’s defense strategy , based on the Baabda declaration criticized Hezbollah’s role in defending the Syrian regime.

“It has become urgent to study a defense strategy especially that the resistance’s arms have gone beyond Lebanon’s borders”. Hezbollah is usually referred to as the resistance.

Suleiman said that for the 68th year, all Lebanese People stand grateful for the Army’s martyrs who prevented near and far enemies from invading Cedar’s land.

Shukri Ghanem barracks in Fayadieh was the venue selected to celebrate the anniversary. President Suleiman, resigned PM Najib Mikati, Premier designate Tamam Salam and Speaker Nabih Berri attended the ceremony.

After laying a wreath at the memorial of army officer’s martyrs, President Suleiman handed swords to the graduating officers before delivering his speech to confirm the Army’s role.

He pointed out to the wars and coups in the Arab world while our democratic system has resisted. It has been protected by the army he stressed

Suleiman also stressed that the Army is a defense line for the state and citizens but it can’t fill the governmental and political vacuum.

“The army can’t be taken from its position of defense of the citizen to defend itself”, he added saying that the army can’t be held accountable for its limited mistakes.

“The army’s mission would be impossible if a party or more from Lebanese people get involved in wars outside Lebanon and if both legitimate and illegitimate arms remain”, Suleiman stressed in another reference to the thousands of Hezbollah fighters who have been fighting alongside the forces loyal to Syrian president Bashar against the rebels seeking to end his family’s four-decade rule.