1 killed, 3 injured as fireworks exploded in downtown Beirut


army day beirut fireworksNational News Agency reported that one person was killed and several people were injured when the fireworks they brought to celebrate Army Day accidentally exploded.

NNA described the group’s move as a “personal initiative” that was not linked to the organizers of the Martyrs Square’s rally in support of the army on its anniversary.

Less than an hour before the incident, a mass popular rally was held at Martyrs Square in celebration of the 68th Army Day.

The fireworks at Beirut’s Martyrs Square reportedly triggered a major blaze that set many cars that were in the are on fire.

Civil Defense and fire trucks rushed to the scene where hundreds of people had gathered and started dousing the flames.

Later on Thursday the Beirut Fire Brigade announce that the blaze that erupted at Martyrs Square has been contained .

Update: OTV quoted  a Lebanese Red Cross official as saying :  “Six people were injured and no one was killed in the downtown Beirut incident.”

Update: Watch the video on the fireworks