9 Van Passengers Stabbed in Beirut suburb


Lebanon van attackAbout 25 people riding a van in the area of Jisr al-Wati in Sin el-Fil , a Beirut suburb were attacked with knives on Wednesday by several assailants, National News Agency reported.

NNA said that the passengers, who included Lebanese, Palestinians and Syrians, were heading to a studio to participate in a TV show when they were intercepted by eight assailants riding two 4 wheel Drive SUV’s.

The suspects then stabbed nine of them, it said, and fled towards the area of al-Adlieh and from there to Beirut’s southern suburb of al Dhahiya , a Hezbollah stronghold.

Among the wounded people: Ali Jaafar (Lebanese) stabbed in the back withn a knife, Hovik Saberjian (Lebanese) stabbed in the shoulder and remained unconscious, Marciss the Tamasian, she was stabbed in her legs and hands. The Red Cross has transferred them to Mount Lebanon Hospital on the old Sidon road.

The Red Cross also treated three people at the scene of the attack : Ibrahim Ahmed (Syrian) who was slightly wounded, Mohammed Issa (Syrian) stabbed in the legs, and the Palestinian Abdullah Murrar suffere minor injury minor injury).

The civil defense treated three people :Joan Khalil (Syria), who was injured in the head, Kilauea Ahmed (Syrian) who was stabbed in his legs and and the back, Abdullah al Haddad ( Palestinian) who was stabbed in the shoulder and his right hand. All three were taken to St. Joseph Hospital in the Dora district.

NNA earlier reported that Iranian television staff were assaulted, but the Iranian embassy denied that any of its nationals were attacked