Fighting escalated between clans in Hezbollah stronghold


Fighting escalated Tuesday afternoon between the Zeaiter and Hajoula clans in the Lailaki area of Hezbollah stronghold in southern Beirut’s Dahiyeh suburbs.

Lebanon’s National News Agency reported that that residents of Imam Ali Street in Lailaki called on security forces to intervene and end the heavy fighting, with local media reporting that rocket propelled grenade (RPG) rounds were being used in the clashes.

Future News reported that a fire broke out in one of the area’s during the clashes between the two Shiite clans. The residents also appealed to civil defense personnel to intervene to put out the fire .

NNA reported later in the afternoon that army troops, backed by military vehicles, fanned out in the Lailaki neighborhood which has been the scene of fighting since Sunday between members of the two clans that terrorized residents in the densely-populated area.

According to reports, the fighting was triggered by a personal dispute between the Zeaiter and Hajoula clans over a car parking lot and illegal drug deals. Also, the fighting had its roots in an old vendetta.