Mikati: Protecting Lebanon should be Hezbollah’s top priority


mikati defCaretaker Prime Minister Najib Mikati commented Friday on Future bloc leader MP Fouad Siniora’s statement that Hezbollah was stronger than the Lebanese state and stressed that the Lebanese state is more powerful than all the Lebanese parties, including Hezbollah.

“I am currently the premier and I only bet on the Lebanese state; I believe that no one is stronger than the state, and we all have to work on strengthening it,” Mikati said during an interview with CNN.

Mikati also commented on Hezbollah’s participation in the Syrian war, and called on the Shiite party to put Lebanon at the top of its priorities.

“Of course Hezbollah has its priorities, and its priority today is to stand by the Syrian regime. I think that Hezbollah will discover soon that protecting Lebanon should be at the top of its priorities, and this is exactly what I am calling for,” he said.

The Lebanese premier also voiced its concern over the growing number of Syrian refugees in the country and reiterated his call on the international community and international organizations to help Lebanon.

“What concerns me the most about the Syrian conflict is not the conflict itself, but the continuing flow of Syrian refugees. We have 550,000 registered refugees, in addition to around 750,000 present inside the country,” Miqati said.

“These numbers exceed our ability, and we call on countries around the world and organizations to help Lebanon.”

The country has witnessed increased tensions after the Shiite group Hezbollah announced that it was taking part in the fighting raging in neighboring Syria.