Syrian rebels claim responsibility for killing 4 Lebanese


A group of Syrian rebels has claimed responsibility in a video for killing four Shi’ites in Lebanon this week – another example of how Syria’s civil war is spreading into its neighbour.

One of those in the film says they were killed by the “Syrian Mujahideen Unit” as they were trying to enter Syria, and claims the men were from Hezbollah.

The Lebanese militant group has actively helped President al-Assad in his battle against a mostly Sunni Muslim revolt.

On Tuesday simmering tensions spilled over in the southern Lebanese city of Sidon, as militants supporting opposing sides clashed. At least one person is said to have died, with several injured.

Tripoli in the north, Lebanon’s second city, has been at the forefront of sectarian clashes between supporters and opponents of the Syrian government.

Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley near the border has also seen heightened tension; the area is home both to Sunnis who support Syrian rebels, and Shi’ites who back Assad.

Lebanon has accused Assad’s forces of driving Sunni Muslims into its territory.

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