Suleiman may file complaint with UN /AL against Syria


suleiman in ivory coast 2Lebanon President Michel Suleiman stressed that he will take “the necessary measures” in the light of the bombing of Beqaa’s Arsal by a Syrian helicopter including filing a complaint with the UN and Arab League.

“Lebanon has the right to take the necessary measures in order to defend its sovereignty and protect its citizens… including filing a complaint before the Arab League and the UN,” the government owned National News Agency quoted Suleiman as saying on Wednesday.

The president branded the “recurrent shelling of Arsal by Syrian military aircrafts” as “a violation of Lebanon’s sovereignty.”

He also urged the Syrian authorities “not to repeat such violations.”

Earlier on Wednesday, a Syrian helicopter fired a series of missiles on Lebanon’s Arsal, a Beqaa town in which the largely Sunni residents back the revolt against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Earlier today , the Lebanese Armed Forces warned the Syrian regime that “army units deployed in the [Arsal] area took the necessary defensive measures to respond immediately to any similar violations.”

Arsal’s outskirts have been hit numerous times in recent months by Syrian air raids.

While Lebanon has adopted an official position of neutrality over the conflict, the Mediterranean country is sharply divided into pro- and anti-Assad camps.

The fighters of the Shiite movement Hezbollah have been actively fighting alongside the forces of the Syria regime of president Bashar al Assad against the rebels wo are trying to topple him