Several injured near Iranian Embassy in Beirut, 3 updates


iran hezbollah flags 2-1During protests in front of the Iranian Embassy in Beirut’s Bir Hassan, clashes erupted between supporters and opponents of Hezbollah’s involvement in Syria resulting in the injury of several people, LBC reported on Sunday.

The same LBC source said Security forces outside the Iranian Embassy in Beirut and Hezbollah supporters fired gunshots in the air in order to disperse the protesters, beat them with sticks and vandalized their cars as they were heading to the Iranian embassy complex ahead of the planned demonstration

Competing pro-Syrian and anti-Syrian regime rallies are set to take place in Beirut’s Martyrs Square and other areas , where security reinforcements were deployed earlier in the day.

In a related development March 14 general-secretariat coordinator Fares Soaid told LBC on Sunday: “Hezbollah’s intervention in Syria jeopardized the country’s security.”

Update: One of the wounded people that was shot in front of the Iranian embassy died, LBC reported on Sunday

Update 2: Ahmad El Assaad , son of the former speaker of the Lebanese Parliament and leader of the Lebanese Option Gathering ( LOG) party told Future TV that the person that was killed today in front of the Iranian embassy in Beirut was Hashem Salman the headed of LOG’s student body.

Update 3: The Lebanese Army Command: “The military is pursuing the assailant who opened fire near the Iranian embassy to detain him and hand him over to the competent judicial authority.”