16 more Syrian rockets land in Lebanon, update


16 more rockets fired from the Syrian side of the border landed in Lebanon overnight, according to a report by the National News Agency (NNA) .
Four rockets landed on the eastern mountain range near al-Shaara region between the towns of Sarein al-Fawqa and Sarein al-Tahta, the report said.

Other rockets landed in landed near al-Nasseriya, al-Nabi Sheet, and the outskirts of the Bekaa town of Brital.

No injuries were reported.

Four Syrians were arrested in the region on suspicion of being linked to the shelling.

Yesterday 12 rockets crashed at dawn from the Syrian side in the outskirts of of Wadi Khaled region in northern Lebanon.

And on Tuesday, another 4 rockets crashed in the town of Hermel, destroying one home and injuring three people.

In another development unknown assailants opened fire at around 2:30 a.m. Saturday at a shrine for Sayyeda Khawla at the southern entrance of the Bekaa city of Baalbek. The shrine and a nearby BMW X5 were damaged in the incident.

Officially, Lebanon is abiding by the policy of dissociation in regards to the conflict taking place in Syria, but Hezbollah fighters have been actively helping the Syrian regime of president Bachar Assad in its crackdown against the rebels.

Syria repeatedly has been claiming that rebels and weapons are being smuggled into Syria from Lebanon, while rebels accuse Hezbollah of invading Syria.

Update: Three Lebanese arrested in connection with the shooting at Sayyeda Khawla shrine in Baalbek