Makari accuses Nasrallah of obstructing cabinet formation


makari , farid 2Lebanon’s Deputy Speaker MP Farid Makari  slammed   Hezbollah Secretary General  Hassan Nasrallah’s Thursday  speech  accusing  the party  of  obstructing the formation of a government, according to a  Friday report  by the  An Nahar newspaper .

He told  the daily: “He shut the door on the negotiations to form a new cabinet through refusing to relinquish his camp’s conditions.”

Nasrallah  demanded in a speech on Thursday that the March 8 camp participate  in the cabinet in proportion to  to its parliamentary share.

” The participation of the parties in the cabinet should be relative to the number of parliamentary seats they hold”, Nasrallah  said during a speech marking the 25 anniversary of the founding of Hezbollah Radio Station ” al  Nour”

Prime Minister-designate Tammam Salam’s efforts to form a new government have been met with the March 8 camp’s insistence to obtain veto power.

Salam’s sources told An Nahar Friday that the request for the camp to be represented in proportion  to its parliamentary share is a veiled demand for veto power.

“Salam is adamant in rejecting the blocking minority and he had informed the March 8 camp of this position,”  Salam’s sources  stressed to An Nahar.