Relatives of Lebanese hostages prevent Syrians from working


Relatives of the Lebanese hostages in Syria’s Aazaz prevented on Tuesday, for the third day in a row, Syrian workers from heading to their workplaces in the Beirut suburbs of of Bourj al-Barajneh, Tahwitat al-Ghadir and Hay al-Sollom, LBC reported .

The relatives said that they will expand their activities on Wednesday to the region of Choueifat, just east of the capital Beirut.

Eleven Lebanese Shiite pilgrims were kidnapped in Syria last May on their way back from Iran by insurgents hoping to use them for a prisoner swap on the 20th of May. Only two have so far been released.

Most of the construction work in Lebanon is done by the Syrian workers. It is estimated that as many as 600,000 Syrian workers are in Lebanon at any given time.