Wahab says Mikati is stamped: Made in Syria


wiam wahabFormer minister Wiam Wahab launched a sharp attack against Prime Minister Najib Mikati accusing him of wanting to topple the embattled Syrian president Bashar al-Assad.

In an Interviewe with New TV, Wahab was responding to a comment by Mikati in which he said: “I haven’t spoken with Assad for nearly 2 years “. Wahab said “there is something going on that is not normal in this country. Is president Assad waiting at his door for Mikati to talk to him?”

Wahab a staunch ally of Assad addressed Mikati by asking:” Who are you ? who created you? You are stamped on the back ” Made in Syria”.

He went on to tell Mikati “why are you lying to the people. You you may not be talking with him ( Assad) , but your company is still in Syria, your brother and his son are going to Syria and talking to him . Enough lies..morals should come before politics”. He added : “Whoever made $3 billion in Syria should remain silent, after all who brought you to power your cabinet was made in Syria.

Wahab went on to address Mikati by saying : “Who made you a public works minister in 2005? . Who made you a PM in 2005? no body had ever head of Mikati before Assad brought you to power .”

Wahab concluded his statement by saying : I am not trying to attack Mikati , but his statement about Assad outraged me