Phalange , NLP say Syrian envoy is a persona non grata


The Phalange Party and National Liberal Party protesters proclaimed on Saturday that the Syrian Ambassador to Lebanon Ali Abdul Karim Ali is a “persona non grata,” demanding that the diplomat should immediately stop his interference in the Lebanese local affairs.

“If Foreign Minister (Adnan Mansour) won’t put an end to your interference we will, you are (declared) as a persona non grata,” Simon Dergham, head of the students organization in the National Liberal Party said.

He lashed out at the Syrian ambassador, saying: “insulting out institutions and President (Michel Suleiman) is not acceptable.”

The demonstrators chanted slogans against the ambassador, describing him as “ambassador of hatred, criminality, humiliation and dependency.”

“The Syrian hegemony has ended and we refuse to go back,” the protesters said.

The protesters held banners condemning the Syrian regime and demanding the expulsion of the Syrian ambassador amid heavy army troops and riot police deployment near the Syrian embassy in Yarze.