Arab League to discuss aid to Syrian refugees in Lebanon


The Arab League is to hold a meeting next Sunday to discuss the issue of Syrian refugees in Lebanon.

Foreign Minister Adnan Mansour learned Sunday that the Arab League has accepted his request to meet regarding possible aid from the League that would help Lebanon manage the burden of the increasingly high number of refugees from Syria, the National News Agency reported.

“ Mansour was informed Sunday that the Arab league has agreed to hold a meeting on the case of Syrian refugees in Lebanon,” National News agency NNA said.

According to the agency, Mansour said he would present in a couple of days a comprehensive report on the situation of the refugees in the country and their needs.

On Friday Mansour informed Arab League Chief Nabil al-Arabi that he would submit a request to the Arab League, asking the Arab Foreign Minister Council to hold an extraordinary meeting to discuss the issue of refugees in Lebanon.

Lebanon is facing difficulties dealing with the high number of refugees fleeing Syria’s violence, with more than 150,000 refugees registered with the UNHCR. Some activists, however, say the actual number is much higher.