Remains of 4 men killed in Syria to be returned to Lebanon


Ali Abdel Karim Ali, Syrian Ambassador to Lebanon informed Lebanese foreign affairs minister Adnan Mansour that his country will hand over the remains of four of the men killed in an ambush in Syria, National News Agency ( NNA) reported on Saturday

According to NNA, the bodies will be repatriated on Sunday morning.

Mansour told New TV that the bodies belonged to three Lebanese nationals and a Palestinian national.

LBC television identified three of the bodies that will be returned on Sunday as Lebanese nationals Mohammad al-Ayyoubi, Bilal al-Ghoul, Ahmad Nabhan.

It also identified the fourth body as that of Palestinian national Mohammad al-Haj.

The bodies of the first three Lebanese nationals who had been killed in the ambush  by the forces loyal to president Bashar al Asasad were returned last Sunday