Tripoli will turn into a sea of blood if Syrian regime falls, ADP


Arab Democratic Party (ADP) Politburo member and party spokesman Ali Fedda said that ” the city of Tripoli will turn into a volcano of fire, and a sea of blood if the regime in Syria falls , but added that “the Alawites in north Lebanon will not be at any risk because the Arab Democratic party will be at the forefront of their defense.”

The Alawite co-religionists of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad who reside in the Jabal Mohsen neighborhood have been fighting the mostly Sunni Bab al-Tabbaneh residents during the past week. The neighborhoods which are separated by “Syria” street have witnessed some of the worst sectarian fighting in Lebanon since the Syria uprising started last March 2011

The ADP traces back its origin to an earlier leftist students’ organization called the Alawite Youth Movement – AYM ( Harakat al-Shabab al-Alawiyya) originally formed in 1972 in Tripoli by Ali Eid, a former convict. As its name implies, the AYM drew its support from the Shia Alawite sect minority of Lebanon, even receiving the personal backing of Rifa’at al-Assad, ( uncle of Syrian president Bashar al Assad) Syria’s vice-president at the time and himself a member of that sect.

Photo: leader of the Arab Democratic Party  Rifaat Eid , son of the party foundfer