Obama seeks Twitter help on ‘fiscal cliff’


US President Barack Obama’s campaign for his “fiscal cliff” plan includes the Twitter-verse.

The White House has set up a new Twitter hashtag: “My2K,” a reference to the extra $2,200 in taxes it says the average family will pay if all the George W. Bush-era tax cuts expire at the end of the year.

As part of talks on a new debt reduction deal, Obama is asking Congress to extend the Bush tax cuts for middle class Americans, while ending them for Americans who make more than $250,000.

Republicans are balking at the proposed tax increase, saying it would slow economic growth.

The parties are seeking a deal of head of what they call the “fiscal cliff,” a series of tax increases and budget cuts that will take effect in the absence of an agreement.

In seeking to rally Obama supporter on Twitter, one backer writes: “#My2K ensures enures I can purchase better food, pay my bills on time, have a bit left over to buy spend to help out economy.”

But Obama’s critics are also using the new hashtag.

Writes one: “Don’t take more $$ until you cut back on wasteful spending! Let’s start from the top! Cut back on your frivolous spending.”

USA Today