Jumblatt: Time for a new Lebanon cabinet


Progressive Socialist Party Leader MP Walid Jumblatt who helped Hezbollah in forming the current cabinet which is headed by PM Nagib Mikati said it is time to think of forming a new Cabinet to help end the tension in Lebanon.

“It is time to think of a new Cabinet that would protect the country from political tension and strife,” Jumblatt wrote in his column in PSP’s weekly al-Anbaa newspaper which is published in Arabic.

Jumblatt cited that the assassination of Brig. Gen. Wissam al-Hassan, the repeated security incidents in the northern city of Tripoli and in Sidon as a prove for the need to form a new government that would be able to stabilize the political situation in Lebanon.

Jumblatt is reportedly convinced that such a Cabinet would be coincide with the waiting stage prior to the “inevitable” downfall of president Bashar Assad’s regime in Syria .

“Sooner or later, the Assad regime will be brought down and that would limit the number of differences between the Lebanese,” said Jumblatt.

The PSP also called for sticking with the dissociation policy vis-à-vis the Syrian crisis and warned that any involvement, whether logistic or armed support, to either side in the conflict, from either March 8 or March 14, will not be of any use to the country.