High temperature caused Hezbollah arms depot explosion


Lebanon Interior Minister Marwan Charbel said Friday that the explosion that ripped through a Hezbollah arms depot in c was not premeditated as some Israeli media have suggested, but was caused by high temperature.

“The Nabi Sheet incident was not premeditated. The blast may have been caused by high temperatures and technical error resulting from the failure to sort out old shells stored in the warehouse ,” Charbel said .

Hezbollah admitted that three of its fighters were killed Wednesday when an explosion ripped through its arms depot in Nabi Sheet in eastern Lebanon, but unconfirmed reports say more than nine were killed in the blast.

Military investigating Judge Danny al-Zeini, accompanied by Lebanese Army Intelligence agents, inspected Wednesday night the site of the explosion in Nabi Sheet in an attempt to determine what caused the powerful blast that led to the collapse of a four-story building.

Israeli media reports suggested that Israel could be behind the Nabi Sheet explosion.

The Israeli newspaper Yediot Ahronot quoted a senior Israeli security official as hinting at Israel’s involvement in the explosion.

Similar explosions have taken place at Hezbollah’s weapons depots in southern Lebanon and like this one they were all shrouded in secrecy